Chanel’s iconic button appears in a glam avatar in the new Madamoiselle Privé Bouton watch

Pratishtha Rana
One of the more unique highlights of Chanel’s universe is the humble button that was very dear to Gabrielle Chanel. Going back in the history of her couture-making, she effortlessly parted ways from the traditional fashion of the 20th Century, and instead introduced military and sailor-esque men’s silhouettes to womenswear, with an evident attention to costume jewellery and pearls.
Chanel Madamoiselle Prive Watch
A limited edition Madamoiselle Prive Watch with Gabrielle Chanel’s portrait on the button
This love for striking, feminine designs has now been given a whole new meaning through watchmaking. Chanel’s new Mademoiselle Privé Bouton is a collection of high-jewellery watches that feature a beautiful cuff fastening of black lacquer, ornate diamonds and gilded tweed, visually enhanced with the use of signature Chanel-styled buttons.
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Chanel Madamoiselle Prive watch

The horology craft done in-house for Mademoiselle Privé essentially displays the extravagant yet understated use of diamonds, pearls and yellow gold. The smart craftsmanship on the watch reveals that the button in focus doubles up as a stunning dial as well as a seal for the cuff strap.
Chanel Madamoiselle Prive watch
Chanel Madamoiselle Prive
Created in an-all black frame with an elegant, glossy texture, this specific Madamoiselle Prive is bedecked with a 15mm cultured pearl, which according to Chanel, takes at least two years to mature. The golden and diamond-studded contouring gives the timepiece its finshing touch of a luxurious, bejweled accessory.
Chanel Madamoiselle Prive
Chanel Madamoiselle Prive
There is a symbolic meaning behind each of the different buttons that adorn the watch dials. The camellia was one of Coco Chanel’s favourite flowers and the lion head motif can be linked to her zodiac, Leo, while the ornamental pearls are examples of her love for jewellery and accessories.



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