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Clinique La Prairie, Switzerland Kamalaya, Thailand to the information regarding animal cruelty which has forced people to take a hard look at their dietary choices. However, switching to a plant-based diet can be difficult, especially for newly vegan and vegetarian individuals. And so, wellness resorts around the world have begun incorporating special vegan programmes that not only teach you about vegan and vegetarian swaps, but also show you the ropes on a healthy, nutritional vegan lifestyle. Whether your goal is to eat healthily or practice sustainability, vegan resorts will help you put focus on both wellness and health. Plant based retreats often incorporate healthy lifestyle changes including yoga and exercise, along with relaxing spa treatments and of course a selection of healthy but delicious eating options. Best wellness retreats across the globe Aro Hā Wellness Retreat —Glenorchy, New Zealand A multi-award-winning retreat, Aro Hā’s isolated setting is perfect for those looking for some healthy me-time. Tucked in the Southern Alps, the property is surrounded by 8.5 hectares of rugged landscape overlooking the Lake Wakatipu. The name, ‘aro ha’ translates to “in the presence of divine breath” in Te Reo; breath is a foundational practice of life and so, the retreat uses it as an entry point into the mysticism of the present. The eco-friendly retreat is powered using solar and hydro-energy making it the first of its kind in the southern hemisphere. Keeping in line with the element of peaceful isolation, the property houses a small cluster of accommodations fit for a group of no more than 32 guests. The interiors at Aro Hā take on a rustic theme with neutral toned wood, stone, and glass features that enable the resort to seamlessly blend into the natural landscape, allowing guests to reconnect with themselves and the environment. While Aro Hā has quite a few different retreats, its main focus is kaupapa or purpose to regenerate the mind and body and improve overall health. This includes everything from mindfulness to healing bodywork; Aro Hā also encourages guests to switch off from technology to further improve and renewone’s awareness.Awellness retreat at Aro Hā is an all-inclusive journey between 5 and 7 nights. The days usually begin with the chiming of Tibetan bowls and dynamic flow yoga to waken the mind and body followed by a healthy, hearty breakfast. The kitchen at Aro Hā lays emphasis on garden-totable with its plant-based menu which is essential for a wholesome mind, body and spirit cleanse. Regardless of the package you choose, the retreat lays great emphasis on fitness, and so they will incorporate several activities both indoors and outdoors followed by a therapeutic massage and spa experience. BodyHoliday —Cariblue Beach, Saint Lucia A wellness getaway in the Carribean sounds like the perfect package, and Saint Lucia’s BodyHoliday is touted to be one of the best resorts in the destination. While not completely isolated, the destination does have an exotic vibe to it. If you’re looking for a wellness getaway that incorporates a relaxing holiday like experience, then BodyHoliday is a worth a visit. Boasting an idyllic setting, the resort sits on 200-yard-long crescent-shaped beach and is surrounded by 32 acres of lush tropical gardens. No matter where you look, the view is pristine. BodyHoliday, like most wellness retreats, believes that relaxation and a good night’s sleep are key pillars of any wellness holiday. And so, the accommodations at the resort are designed keeping in mind a relaxing ambience in tones of blue, white and beige. Guests can choose from an array of accommodations, each offering a splendid view of the island, these include garden view, ocean view and oceanfront villas, rooms and suites. When it comes to the wellness aspect of the retreat, BodyHoliday does it with a certain finesse. Here, there are no rigid diets and strict schedules; instead, the experience is personalised according to each guest’s preferences and requirements. However, regardless of the program, the retreat will find a way to incorporate fitness into the guest’s schedules; this could be anything from yoga to pilates along with a bunch of outdoor activities including swimming, trekking along the island, spoga which is a combination of spinning and yoga, tai chi, tennis, and more. The resort also has a Wellness Center replete with a skin clinic offering restorative beauty treatments, spa and therapy treatments. Aside from the wellness centre, the resort has about 36 different treatment rooms which include a thalassotherapy pool, Ayurvedic temple, yoga decks, spa treatments rooms, a body science clinic and more. Clinique La Prairie —Clarens, Switzerland One of the oldest and most exclusive health and wellness 44|L U X E B O O K|F E B R U A R Y 2 0 2 3 F E B R U A R Y 2 0 2 3 |L U X E B O O K|45