Luxebook June 2023

different flavour profiles, from ginger to orange all the way to cardamom, anise, liquorice, cucumber and lemon that it can add amazing flavour to your dish. Being a versatile ingredient, gin can be used to make pasta, a glaze, delicious meat and even dessert. At first, it may sound strange to use bitter alcohol in a sweet dish, but gin does have a few natural ingredients that can be useful in desserts. Gin can be a great ingredient to use in savoury baked dishes. Like vodka, gin is grain alcohol with a high concentration of ethanol and a subtle taste. However, a few unusual ways to use gin could be its use in marinade as well as for a flavourful kick to your soups. As per Chef Paul Kinny, Director of Culinary, The St. Regis Mumbai, citrus fruits like lemon, lime, grapefruit, and orange work harmoniously with the botanical flavours of gin. Herbs such as thyme, rosemary, and sage can complement these flavours, and spices like pepper and cinnamon can enhance the flavour profile of gin. But a word of caution is to “ ...use gin sparingly, as it can be overpowering in large amounts, and add gin towards the Chef Kush Koli, Head Chef, SAGA, Gurugram 32|LUXEBOOK|JUNE 2023 JUNE 2023 |LUXEBOOK|33