Luxebook May 2023

BY ARUSHI SAKHUJA Radico Khaitan broke the mould in the IMFL category with this finest-crafted whisky Royal Ranthambore A spirit that takes inspiration from the royal tigers ‘Truly India’s Finest Yet’ The Royal Ranthambore Heritage Collection, which is a premium whisky blend, has broken the norms of the whisky category in the Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) industry. What sets this blend apart from the rest is its distinctive approach to distillation and blending. The whisky is an ode to Ranthambore and a tribute to the majestic tiger in spirit. Inspired by the tigers that inhabit the space, the colour of this spirit is a majestic golden colour which is true homage to the hue of the tigers’ stunning coat. This luxurious blended whisky is crafted with various bespoke blended malt spirits from different geographical regions. The rare, imported malts are made from 100% malted barley, carefully blended with oak-infused Indian grain neutral spirit to harmonize this royal blend.The colour of the whisky is inspired by the royal tigers of Ranthambore. Much like other premium whiskies, indulging in Royal Ranthambore is a memorable experience. On the nose The spirit Royal Ranthambore is a rich symphony of taste, aroma and finish that entices the senses to give you a majestic experience. On the nose, the whisky has warm and intense orchard fruit aromas which are followed by sweet floral notes and a hint of citrus. Subtle forest honey and spicy dried fruits at the end leave a lasting trail. But when it comes to the palate it’s an absolute delight – if enjoyed correctly. Pour it, hold it up, have a good whiff, take a sip that lingers in the mouth for a few seconds and then, let it slowly flow down your throat. Upon tasting the whisky, you will feel a sense of warmth on your palate followed by rich flavours like English muffins, melted butter, plum cakes, apple pie, cocoa and a hint of spicy peaty smoke in the background. The long finish smoothens out with time and leaves you yearning for more. A worthy cover But the buck doesn’t stop there, the packaging is equally opulent to match the elusive whisky. At first glance, the bottle exudes elegance courtesy of its telescopic canister. Featuring rich heritage motifs of Ranthambore and a ribbed pattern the transparent glass bottle enables the holder to witness the masterfully crafted blend. However, the highlight of the beautiful, packaged bottle is the cap-on-cap closure that resembles a crown adding quite a royal look to the overall appearance. The canister too is of the same colour as the label of the whisky, allowing whisky aficionados to truly appreciate what lies within. The Royal Ranthambore Heritage Collection Whisky has set a high standard for the world of Indian-made whisky and is a must-try for anyone looking to experience an exquisite blend of luxury and taste. In reverence to the magnificent Tigers and Warrior Kings that ruled over the land Royal Ranthambore is a fine example of experiencing royalty in a bottle. With a legacy of over 75 years in whisky distillation and blending, it was in 2021 that India’s leading liquor company, Radico Khaitan launched their finest whisky creation, the Royal Ranthambore Heritage Collection. The company is also the parent to successful brands such as Rampur Indian Single Malt, Jaisalmer Gin, Morpheus Brandy, 8 PM Whisky, Magic Moments Vodka, 1965 Spirit of Victory Rum, all of which have delighted connoisseurs and customers alike.With a passion towards serving liquor of the highest quality, experimentation, attention to detail and a refined blending process, Radico Khaitan is synonymous with products that are smooth on the palate. Carrying the lineage forward, the brand has introduced a new whisky brand called Royal Ranthambore. 12|LUXEBOOK|MAY 2023 MAY 2023 |LUXEBOOK|13 FINE SPIRITS