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so familiar with and also introduce them to as many of them as possible.” One of the many aspects that make All Things Nice stand out is its collaborative efforts to introduce India to experts from the global food and beverage industry. “Bringing global experts to India is something that we thrive on because it allows you to see and experience their point of view.” Agarwal compares the experience to that of peeling an onion, where there is always so much more to learn. Among their most memorable events, Agarwal shared snippets of the series conducted with whisky legend, Jim Murray in 2019. The blind tastings event was a two-city series held in Mumbai and Delhi over a period of five days. “The series that we did with Jim Murray was perhaps one of our most successful events. People flew in from all over India to Mumbai and Delhi for the five events that we did consecutively; that was a huge success. I think we had about 600 odd people sign up over 5 days just to listen to him speak and taste the whisky along with him.” SMAC Officially formed in 2011, the Single Malt Amateurs Club (SMAC), Hemanth Rao shares, was originally formed as a “casual congregation of enthusiasts who liked whisky”. The impromptu thought was to set up a club for amateurs, professionals and connoisseurs who could experience and learn more about single malt whiskies. Rao shared, “The inspiration for the club was the fact that there was nothing of that sort (club) around and it would be great to have such a platform.” Considering it was only formed in 2011, SMAC has one of the largest memberships with over 5,500 members from across the globe who get to not only enjoy a good whisky but also be a part of the new whisky launches. The events at SMAC, Rao shares, range from whisky tasting sessions to master classes and even special whisky launch events, with at least one event per month.“We curate one event per month – from fun-filled tasting sessions that explore different whisky flavours to virtual or in-person master classes that provide “The intention of All Things Nice was always to celebrate great wine and great spirits,” Agarwal added. “I wanted to create a platform where people could come and experience different wines and spirits and (of course) a very direct association with food from all over the world and the pairing of food with wines and spirits, as well as create a network for people who thoroughly enjoy all of this together. That is the basis of all things nice.” When it comes to single malts, All Things Nice has been actively promoting the spirit though tastings and food pairing events. Agarwal who studied whiskey at the Edinburgh Whiskey Academy has even conducted courses for the Academy in India to help teach people about single malts and whiskey through events like jazz evenings paired with single malts and single malt dinners. The platform even released its own whiskey, Wood Burns – A Tale of Oak, created in collaboration with Fullerton Distillery in Goa. “Single malts are extremely popular in India and our intention is to broaden the experience of people in India with single malts that they might not be edutainment around the production, maturation and consumption of whisky.” We host in-person and virtual master classes to provide edutainment and knowledge sharing around whisky production, maturation and consumption. We also sell the finest range of professional and affordable whisky-appreciation glassware just to the basics in place for the appreciation journey. A collaboration always enlightens a whisky experience and SMAC has had plenty of those. The club has partnered with some very established names in the Indian whisky industry including Paul John, Amrut, Piccadily Agro, VBev, Diageo India, Beam Suntory India, and Glen Grant. Through these partnerships, SMAC has been able to deliver unparalleled whisky experiences for its members. One very exciting event at SMAC is its exclusive creation of whiskies meant solely for members. That’s right, the club creates its whiskies every now and then allowing members to participate in the tasting experience. Rao talks about some of SMAC’s memorable events Hemanth Rao at the Indri Trini Tasting Event Indri Trini Tasting Event 16|LUXEBOOK|MAY 2023 MAY 2023 |LUXEBOOK|17