Luxebook November 2022

Luxury homes, by themselves, have a quality factor to them. Add to that the ‘celebrity’ tag and you have a fancy home with an added star appeal. Celebrity-owned homes are the ‘it’ properties in the real estate world. While these, without a doubt, come with a hefty price tag, they also have significant character, and usually come wellfurnished with everything one could possibly need, and so much more. Leaving behind the average appeal of a regular home, celebrities have a knack for sprucing up their homes with the best of modern luxuries, adding in state-of-theart rooms like theatres, gyms and yoga rooms, bars, spa facilities and more. Most of the time, when listing their homes, celebrities leave in all of these luxury amenities, so buying a celebrity home is a complete deal. If you’re thinking about investing in a pre-owned celebrity home, here are some of the trendiest properties on the market right now. Boy George One of the oldest properties on this list is this spectacular Grade II-listed property (a type of historic designation in the UK) previously owned by English singer Boy George. The 5,453 sq. ft. Gothic mansion dates back to the 1800s. The original building, titled “The Logs,” was built in 1868 by Charles Till based on designs by JS Nightingale. It was built as a home for wealthy civil engineer and developer Edward Gotto. The original building had been split into multiple properties, some of which were owned by well-known personalities, including British actor and comedian Marty Feldman and English singer Sam Smith. Boy George, who bought the house in 1988, converted the properties into a single home once again, before listing it for a price of US $19 million. The massive, eccentric mansion is spread across six bedrooms — five of which come with their own dressing rooms — and five bathrooms, along with four reception rooms, a cinema, and a meditation room. One of the bedrooms in the mansion boasts a giant glass top for a ceiling offering a spectacular starry night view. In another corner of the house is a mellow living room decorated with monochromatic décor, taupe-coloured furnishing, eccentric artwork, and a DJ table to spruce up the space. A glass-walled corridor connects the living room to the kitchen, another vibrant space decked up with floor-to-ceiling glass walls offering both indoor and outdoor terrace dining; the outdoor dining area is of course the preferable one given the comforting natural ambience. Other spaces like the cinema, meditation room and the many receptions boast a similar minimalistic venue with light hues and glass openings to let in as much light as possible. Other highlights include a windowless mezzanine-level snug in which the TV is set on a marble platform in the massive fireplace, a ground-floor laundry room gussied up with bright yellow paint, and a tripleheight central hall, a dramatic central staircase. BY SCHENELLE DSOUZA If you’re looking for a fancy new home, here are some uber luxurious celebrity homes on the market Luxury celebrity homes on the market Boy George CELEBRITY ABODES 24|L U X E B O O K|N O V E MB E R 2 0 2 2 N O V E MB E R 2 0 2 2 |L U X E B O O K| 25