Luxebook November 2022

appearance on the walls with grey marble flooring and off-white wall panels in the living room, while wallpaper cladded walls with gold-painted wooden mouldings make an appearance along the passage. The dining area has quite the ambience. Teal coloured chairs with brown cladding along the walls contrasted by a large wall design featuring a distorted pattern of a tiger walking through the woods. The wall panelling continues into the den area, where subtle wall panels in warm brown colour is combined with metal inserts and veneer with grooves to highlight the space on the TV wall panel. The bedrooms share a similar aesthetic, although one bedroom has a slightly darker personality with deeper shades covering the furnishings and décor. The bathroom takes on an allblack personality with marble cladding and metal inserts creating a pattern on walls whereas the kids’ bathroom incorporates marble cladding with solid surface inserts. The overall design of the home exhibits a delicate balance of materials and textures that adds personality while maintaining the eclectic and luxurious vibe. Martini Design Studio Finding a home in Mumbai with a view minus the concrete jungles may seem like a tough request. But not for Mumbai based Martini Design Studio. Boasting a spectacular view, Martini Design Studio’s Show Home presents a unique walk-through concept with a sharp sense of design, exquisite detailing and a strong aesthetic vision presenting luxury and elegance all under one roof. In a city that lives for minimalism when it comes to flats, this show home is a great introduction to maximalism in interior decor. It includes pieces like dual-toned, pendant-lights 3D artworks, jewel-toned furniture among other outstanding elements. And while piecing multiple maximalist elements in one space sounds like terror, Martini Design Studio manages to piece these elements in a way where they complement each other. While playing with standout pieces of art and décor, the studio also incorporates plush materials like silk, velvet and soft carpeting throughout the home. The plush jewel-tone seat over the woven silk carpet clad walls and furniture in soft materials all add a sense of sophistication to each and every room in the house. Lighting is another striking aspect of this apartment. The studio selected a collection of statement pieces that are truly hard to miss, like pendant lights in the living room, the crystal chandelier in the kitchen, the shimmering suspension light in the bathroom or the supremely artistic lamp in the master bedroom. All of these elements come together beautifully and make for quite the conversation starter. Rahul Mistri Modern luxury comes to life in this understated home designed by Rahul Mistri of Open Atelier. Made for a family of four, this 2,200 sq. ft. apartment in Mumbai’s Hiranandani estate maintains a progressive aesthetic while staying rooted in Indian designs. Intended for a well-travelled and distinguished hotelier client and his family, the home named “Suave Suite” is a projection of a hotel suite’s luxury and home fundamentals. With no compromise on decor pieces and conscious mindfulness of the choice of materials and mechanisms – this home is a result of a balanced design process. Maintaining the indo-classical ambience of the space, the designer incorporated materials like marble, terrazzo stone and veneer in harmony with luxury furnishings like velvet and satin to keep the luxury element of the space alive. Living areas including the dining and living room feature black marble inlay flooring paired with handcrafted rugs. Statement and elegant lighting pieces like the custom-made imported porcelain chandelier in the dining area or the sliding reading lights and minimal nightstands in the bedrooms, set the tone of a contemporary, luxury home. Another notable element is the extensive used of built-in décor and furniture pieces like the built-in wall in foil laminate and wooden veneer in the dining area, which can be used for personal collections and artefacts. In its entirety, this living room is a spectacle of diverse detailing with elements like low-height seating, large accent pieces and extravagant intelligent home features. The nooks and nudges of the architectural layout are cleverly occupied with hidden storage, services and wiring conduits to maintain the seamless look and feel. The bedrooms maintain an overall simple design, with a darker aesthetic for themaster bedroomandmore vibrant aesthetic for the guest bedroom.Although each room has a different aesthetic, each comes together harmoniously to create the perfect contemporary Mumbai home. 34|L U X E B O O K|N O V E MB E R 2 0 2 2 Martini Design Studio Martini Design Studio N O V E MB E R 2 0 2 2 |L U X E B O O K| 35 Rahul Mistri