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Goa, the smallest state in India and unlike any other is located on the western coast and is renowned for its unending beaches, fantastic nightlife, diverse seafood, and world-heritage-listed architecture. While everyone thinks of Goa as the ultimate end-of-the-year destination, there is much more to the state than its party-friendly beaches. Goa is a small Indian state in the Konkan area, covering only 3,702 km. It is a long cry from a beach retreat or a haven for hippies,and is one of the very few places that is open every day of the year. Goa’s relaxed atmosphere the susegad life, draws just as many foreign visitors as it does domestic ones, if not more. Tourist flock to Goa in the month of December to celebrate Christmas, New Year’s, weddings and now the famous year-end Sunburn festival. If you’re one of the many heading to Goa for the first time, here’s a little itinerary for you. Panjim Panjim or Panaji is Goa’s capital city, and is a cultural, political and social hub. Most people tend to skip out on visiting the city as they would rather spend their time on the beach, but what they don’t know is that this bustling city centre has a lot to offer. The Fontainhas or the Latin Quarters is a must-visit. Goa was colonised by the Portuguese for centuries and in the Fontainhas you can truly feel and see the most palpable signs of Portuguese influence. Stroll through the Fontainhas and take in the beauty, the infrastructure, the painful past and the beautiful houses that will remind you of Lisbon. A go-to tourist attraction is the beautiful Our Lady Of Immaculate Conception Church. The stunning white church is famous for its stairs which were built in the 1800s, nearly two hundred years after the church was first constructed. When it comes to food and the nightlife in Panjim, you won’t be BY JADE CRASTO Move away from your typical haunts and explore North Goa like a local Finding your way around North Goa disappointed. If you want to party as the locals do, then I suggest you head to Josephs’s Bar. This hidden gem was built in the ‘70s and is between the lanes of the Latin Quarter. While you are there, enjoy a chilled glass of Tambde Rosa, which is essentially a coconut feni cocktail mixed with birindao, the extract of kokum that lends its rich ruby hue, and adequately blended with lime and mint to finish it off. A few minutes from Josephs’s Bar is the restaurant Down The Road, which is a popular spot to listen to some good live music. Right opposite Down The Road, you will find Tataki which will serve you delicious pan Asian food and right next to it is SOHO- a western-style pub in an antique mansion. Where to stay: Taj Resort & Convention Centre Goa The Taj Resort & Convention Centre Goa is located in Panaji, directly on the serene Vanguinim Beach Dona Paula in North Goa. It offers guests luxurious rooms with a variety of Here & below: The Fontainhas or the Latin Quarters, Goa PEARL OF THE ORIENT 58|L U X E B O O K|N O V E MB E R 2 0 2 2 N O V E MB E R 2 0 2 2 |L U X E B O O K| 59