Luxebook November 2022

inspiration from a pineapple. This stylish, modern interpretation is crafted from lacquered glass, while the brushed metal details add sophisticated colour contrast. Buy it here. 7. Lladro Firefly Table Lamp Light up your home with Lladro’s exclusive lamp that is inspired by the fascinating light emitted by fireflies on warm summer nights. Unusual in design, the intricately crafted details add to the regal appeal of the lamp. Buy it here. 11. Gucci Esotericum Grotesque Garden print mini basket candle Let the fragrant blend of jasmine, orange bitters and leather notes take over your home with Gucci’s scent Esotericum. Present in a mini basket candle featuring the Grotesque Garden print, rich with botanical flowers and a favourite House style—the lion head — it makes for a great showpiece when not in use. Buy It here. 8. Ralph Lauren Brennan Clock For those who have a fetish for clocks, this one by Ralph Lauren is a flawless addition to your home study. The brown leather detailing accentuates the gold rim of the clock’s face, making it just what your table needs. Buy it here. 9. Ralph Lauren Mercedes Benz Gullwing Coupe Be it a home décor item for the bar or for the console table, this Ralph Lauren Mercedes Benz Gullwing Coupe is sure to garner eyeballs. This exact 1:18 scale replica, which is handconstructed is an iconic addition to every home. Buy it here. 10. Baccarat Chessboard A perfect addition to modern homes that champions a monochrome colour palette and geometric furniture. Baccarat’s Chessboard is transformed into a genuine collector’s item with pawns in crystal, detailing with gold and chessboard in inlaid marble. This chess set is a fine addition to a grand home. Buy It here. 11 2 3 10 6 4 6|L U X E B O O K|N O V E MB E R 2 0 2 2