LuxeBook September -2021

Suzani, Kantha Melange and Spring Love Ivory Cotton Quilted Bedspreads made from 100 percent cotton. The upcoming collection features Sarita Handa’s signature style, with a focus on abstract and modern designs, and using graphic lines and geometric shapes, along with patchwork designs that are both tonal and neutral. The new collection will focus more on the modern side showcasing the brand’s take on it. SleepyCat SleepyCat was the pioneer of the mattress- in-a-box concept in India, in 2017. Their mattresses are compressed, rolled, and shipped straight to your door in a box that is easy to handle. SleepyCat has grown into a complete sleep-solutions brand that not only provides mattresses but also other bedding essentials that add luxury to your sleep routine. They do not have any physical stores and are strictly an online brand. Their best-selling products include a plush 8” SleepyCat Plus Mattress, reversible comforters (all dual-sided, and come in gorgeous colours) and Aloe Vera Gel Memory Foam pillows. Their most recent launch is the Weighted Blanket. Part of SleepyCat’s premium consumer-first, authentic and purpose driven products, these blankets are made with high density glass beads that are virtually shatterproof, completely odourless, non- toxic and hypoallergenic, reducing any form of adverse effects on the environment. They offer both, deep stimulation and calmness with the use of an extraordinarily soft, snuggly, and highly durable surface. The luxuriously soft cover is 100% organic cotton,skin-friendlymaterial suitable for all skin types. The outer layer of the Weighted Blanket maintains a free air flow so it never gets too warm, while providing a feeling of relaxation with its brushed, soft feel. Each layer is carefully selected to prevent overheating at any point through the night. Weighted Blanket by Sleepycat Cuddle Pillow by Sleepycat Inset: Kabir Siddiq S E P T E MB E R 2 0 2 1 | L U X E B O O K | 63 62| L U X E B O O K | S E P T E MB E R 2 0 2 1