Luxebook September 2023

overlooking Åreskutan that is a sight that leaves one in awe. The resort also offers a private spa area where you can indulge in a few hours of luxury with friends, family, or colleagues. Japanese luxury at Yasuragi Discover the ultimate in tranquility at a serene Japanese bath house, offering traditional baths, treatments, and dining. Yasuragi is a spa hotel in Stockholm that embodies the concept of inner peace and harmony, which is reflected in their Japanese bath experience. Immerse yourself in an ancient ritual that takes place in a calm and soothing environment where all your stress melts away. The Japanese culture considers cleansing and bathing crucial for one’s well-being. Begin your journey at Yasuragi in the Japanese ablution rooms, where you can sit on a wooden stool and wash yourself. Allow yourself to fully relax and find inner harmony. Then, continue unwinding in the hot springs surrounded by pine trees and the sauna. Experience how the ancient bathing tradition from Japan can re-energize you and leave you feeling refreshed. Copperhill Mountain Lodge, Åre Japanese luxury at Yasuragi 28|LUXEBOOK|SEPTEMBER 2023 Mumbai | Delhi | Chennai | Bangaluru | | T +91 22 68468500 Taking India to the world! Since 1979. DIGITAL | PRINT | TV | EVENTS | CONTENT | LUXURY | PUBLISHING | EXPOSITION India’s leading international media services & content creation company.