Luxebook September 2023

Cross industry collaborations are afoot in the luxury industry. And when it comes to the hospitality sector, brands and companies have been investing their creative genius to curate completely unique experiences. One such sector is the fashion industry. In a world where style and sophistication intertwine, the realm of luxury travel has been graced by the creative genius of celebrated fashion designers who transfer their knowledge of extravagant design and elegant aesthetics, towards personalized experiences that redefine the essence of luxury hospitality. From posh luxury hotels to sophisticated private residences, LuxeBook explores the haute couture of hospitality, where style, comfort, and creativity merge seamlessly to create unforgettable experiences. Where fashion isn’t just what you wear, but also where you stay. Welcome to a realm where comfort, luxury, and style merge to create unforgettable stay with a seamless fusion of fashion and hospitality. Check out these remarkable luxury hotels across the world designed by some of the industry’s top fashion designers. Each hotel is a testament to the designer’s dedication, to not only creating lavish accommodations, but also immersive and unforgettable experiences. Armani Hotel, Dubai The Armani Hotel in Dubai matches the posh aesthetics of the city, presenting an accommodation that is dressed in understated luxury. Designer Giorgio Armanni chose the city’s iconic skyscraper, Burj Khalifa as the site of his hotel which includes about 160 guest rooms spread across a total of eleven floors; these are located on the first eight floors, with a few more along the 38th and 39th floor. Everything from the interiors to décor, echoes classic Italian design, exemplified by a muted colour palette featuring signature tones of brown, bronze, grey, and taupe. Given the site of the hotel, the views are expected to be a glorious site. And the hotel room’s curved floor-toceiling glass windows do justice to the view, especially at night when downtown Dubai is well lit up.The Armani Hotel avoids the traditional box-shaped designs with sharp lines, and instead opts for curved design, both in terms of the design and décor. The lobby for example, features gigantic, curved arches carved in bronze, with sculptural flower arrangements thrown here and there. Armani was sure to add its trademark logo to practically every object in the room, be it toiletries, pencils, or even sugar cubes. Going the extra mile,the Armani Hotel has something called personal lifestyle managers to assist guests with whatever they need including making deliveries and booking appointments and tours. For meals guests can choose from about seven different restaurants; each of these has an “Armani/” prefix. Armani/Mediterraneo is a delicious pork-free gourmet breakfast buffet, that is a must for all guests. Armani/Hashi (Japanese), Armani/ Amal (Indian) or Armani/Ristorante (Italian) are fine dining restaurants while Armani/Lounge and Armani/ Deli offer a more casual dining experience. The hotel’s Armani/Privē nightclub is a great place dive into Dubai’s nightlife. BY SCHENELLE DSOUZA Designer-owned luxury hotels from around the world From Bulgari to Versace and Louboutin, take a look at these luxury hotels owned by celebrated fashion designers Armani Hotel, Dubai COUTURE COMFORT 36|LUXEBOOK|SEPTEMBER 2023 SEPTEMBER 2023 |LUXEBOOK|37