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BY SCHENELLE DSOUZA From portable steamers and coffee makers to AirTags and spy detectors, innovative tech-inspired travel essentials for your next trip Wired wanderlust Packing for a trip is always a daunting task. Choosing what to take and just how much to take with you often seems like a tough round of Sophie’s Choice. Now the term ‘essentials’ was initially limited to garments and toiletries, but as of today, its so much more than that. Tech gadgets for example have become a crucial part of packing for any trip, be it business or leisure. From smartwatches to wireless earphones and dongles, the number of tech essentials has significantly increased, going well beyond just chargers and power banks. But simply stocking up all your smart gadgets into your carry-on isn’t the smartest idea. While packing tech essentials for a trip, be sure to categorise your items based on their purpose and practicality. It is best to go with items that relate to safety, health, and functionality only, to save space and weight. And if you’re still struggling with your choices, here are some travel friendly tech essentials that are worth taking with you. 1. Apple AirTag Whether you’re a careful traveller or just someone who easily forgets where they packed small essentials, the Apple AirTag is perfect for keeping track of your belongings. The tiny pucklike device can be attached to small items like your keys, wallet, or other valuables, and can be geo-tracked with the Find My app on your Apple devices. For a more personalised touch, users can also get their AirTags engraved with initials, numbers and/or emojis. Buy Here 2. Belkin Boost Charge 3-in-1 Wireless Charger Packing multiple Apple devices? Then the Belkin Boost Charger is for you.The 3-in-1 wireless charger is conveniently designed to charge the Apple Watch, iPhone and AirPods simultaneously. The 15-watt magnetic charging module safely provides the fastest possible charge for the iPhone 12, 13 and 14 series, allowing you to charge in both portrait and landscape orientations. Buy Here 3. Jepwco G4 Pro Anti Spy Detector Regardless of your choice of accommodation during a trip, safety is a concern for many given the surge of hidden cameras, microphones and other recording devices found in various accommodations. A seemingly ordinary looking device, the Jepwco G4 Pro comes with 25-hour battery lifer and a detection range of 1Mhz - 6.5Ghz which can easily detect eavesdropping devices, wired and wireless cameras and GPS locators.. Buy Here 4. LARQ PureVis Self-Cleaning Water Bottle A self-cleaning water bottle is your best friend during a trek or a camping trip in the woods.The first of its kind, the LARQ Bottle has a built-in purification system that uses PureVis technology to eliminate up to 99 per cent of bio-contaminants such a E. Coli. At the press of a button, the bottle will safely purify your water every two hours. Buy Here 5. Steamery Cirrus 3 Iron Steamer The bane of travelling with creased clothing is real and packing a steam iron for every trip is not exactly plausible. But a portable steamer is a great alternative. Compact and convenient, the hybrid Cirrus 3 iron steamer has a voltage of 110-120V and heats up to the same temperature as level 1 on a standard iron. The hot steam also reduces bad smells and kills bacteria, making it a great alternative to washing. Keeping safety in mind, the steamer will automatically shut off after 30-minutes of inactivity. Buy Here 6. Wacaco Minipresso If you enjoy coffee on-the-go, then the Wacao Minipresso is a worthy investment. A lightweight, portable coffee maker, the Wacao Minipresso allows you to grind coffee beans and make your own coffee from scratch, just the way you like it. The device also comes with an espresso cup and a scoop for a steaming cup of coffee anytime, anywhere. Buy Here 1 2 4 6 5 3 4|LUXEBOOK|SEPTEMBER 2023 SEPTEMBER 2023 |LUXEBOOK|5 TRENDING