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Sonal Jetha Founder Kaunteya E vent company chief Sonal Jetha has been deeply fascinated by Indian art forms, architecture, culture, and heritage since an early age. Her artistic soul and creative passion made her travel across India exploring its verdant nature, wildlife, art festivals, luxury palaces and even basic village life. Anything and nothing artistic missed her kohl-rimmed eyes. And it was in 2018 that the luxury tableware brand Kaunteya came into existence. What sets the brand apart is how Kaunteya highlights designs from Indian art, history, or architecture, being an ode to India. “By combining art, luxury and grandeur, Kaunteya adds a regal touch to special occasions, making them cherished and treasured forever,” says Sonal Jetha. “Combined with my desire to present the brilliance of Indian art to the world on a medium which is more mainstream and widely approachable, tableware became the obvious choice.” Vijay KG Founder, Luxepolis Retail Services Pvt. Ltd. A formerMicrosoft and Infosys seniormanagement executive, Vijay KG has a successful track record of building and managing large business units/ accounts from the ground up.  He was instrumental in establishing online platform Luxepolis in 2014. A pioneer of certified luxury business in India, the platform serves millions of luxury enthusiasts in India looking to experience authentic luxury at an affordable price.   Aside from Luxepolis, KG was also the former Founding Partner & Chief Business Officer of Nykaa. At Nykaa, he was instrumental in successfully bootstrapping the platform until its first fund raise, taking in over 300+ beauty brands online, which included luxury brands, a first for India.   KG conceptualized the creation of strong content properties like Femina Nykaa Beauty Awards. He laid the strong foundation to Nykaa’s retail business including the execution and opening of the first ever offline store at the Delhi Airport. “Monday is an action-packed day, where I set my weekly priorities.” 116 | | 117