Luxebook August 2023

From eclectic cushions to colourful bedspreads, these home furnishings make a statement Soft furnishings transform your space 1. Jaipur Rugs The Pink Building-2 Jaipur Rugs turns to its namesake city to capture the beauty and elegance of the Pink City. The collection Jaipur Wunderkammer borrows from the iconic architecture and colours of the city of Jaipur and is a tribute to all the things that make this city unique. The hand-tufted wool and viscose rug showcases a beautiful picture of ancient architecture of Jaipur using the colour that is the identity of the city – pink. The carpet is available in two variants, light and dark toned paintings on a pink hued rug. To buy or for more information, visit their website. 2. Janavi Trumpeter in Merino Nature inspired collections are the hot new trend, and Janavi’s latest collection bravely joins in! Featuring a nature theme with flora and fauna, the collection includes eclectic cushions and bedspreads that will brighten any room. These Trumpeter in Merino cushions are crafted on an Ivory base, featuring intricate hand-embroidered motifs including a trumpeter swan amidst lush trees. To buy or for more information, visit their website. 3. MiRooh Nazakat Bringing Indian heritage into modern households, MiRooh’s selection of Nazakat cushions celebrates the feminine side of Kashmiri embroidery. The trio of cushions display intricate needlework on premium woven jacquard with floral motifs in a host of soft, subtle colours that are inspired by flowers, paisley and other intricate designs. The feather touch velvet adds a luxury element whole posing a elegant contrast to the print. To buy or for more information, visit their website. 4. Neytt By Extraweave Piano Rug Looking to step away from mundane carpet designs? Then this quirky piece from Neytt is perfect for you. Part of the gilded era. The bedding, made from rich and dreamy poly silk jacquard, provokes a sensorial experience of stately repose with its soft feel and textured finishes. The colours include a rich palette of beige, pink, grey and blues to earthy hues and vibrant jewel tones, with touches of gold. To buy or for more information, visit their website. 6. Tiger Home Floral Burst The changing of seasons calls for changes in home décor too. So bid adieu to heavy duvets and bedding and welcome lighter, cosier selections from Tiger Marron Home’s new summer inspired bedding collection. Displaying lighter duvets in soft, vibrant tones with electric prints the collection has much to offer like this stunning Floral Burst bedding set. Designed with flowers in hues of brick red with hints of blue, the bedding is an original design, printed on cotton Percale. To buy or for more information, visit their website. NeyttXMallie collection, this Piano rug was designed to step away from traditional design by creating a new shape with contrasting, undulated weaves. Like each carpet in the collection, this carpet too has been imagined like a painting – the variations of lines in contrasting pop and playful colours personalize and give character to each room in the house. To buy or for more information, visit their website. 5. Rosabagh Duke in Love Rosabagh, renowned for its Renaissance-inspired designs and styling, has recreated 19th century magic for its latest collection. Titled Duke in Love, the collection embraces the splendour of the Victorian period with an ensemble of opulent cushions and bedding. Each piece in the collection displays a rich palette of colours embedded with quintessential embroidery, flamboyant motifs, and delicate blossoms in contrasting hues and regal gold, that resonate with the 6 1 5 4 3 2 6|LUXEBOOK|AUGUST 2023 AUGUST 2023 |LUXEBOOK|7 TRENDING