Luxebook February 2023

release, Pawah talks about BMW’s collaboration with renowned artist Jeff Koons. The collection titled “THE 8 X JEFF KOONS” saw a limited release of 99 vehicles, each being delivered with a large-format certificate signed by Jeff Koons. One of the most tedious projects, the development stage of this collection spanned 200 hours of labour on the exterior paintwork alone. “The colour samples were often applied with magnifying glasses, which took a lot of time to complete. And so only four cars were painted each day,” says Pawah. A more recent example is the prized ‘50 Jahre M Editions’ which marked the 50th anniversary of BMW’s M GmbH division. These editions were distinguished by the iconic and historically significant BMW M paint finishes, style-defining colours such as Dakar Yellow, Daytona Violet and Macao Blue that refer to various eras of BMW M. Putting down a marker for those who love tradition, these special editions featured the classic ‘BMWMotorsport’ logo. Similarly, the MINI Paddy Hopkirk Edition was a timeless tribute to the racing legend Patrick “Paddy” Hopkirk and his spectacular victory in the classic No. 37 Mini Cooper S at the Monte Carlo Rally in 1964. Limited to 15 units for India, the car was available for booking online only and was immediately sold out. Harit Zaveri Jewellers, who are best known for their traditional collections recall their bridal and heritage polki editions from last year. “Both separate collections, these were crafted keeping in mind the discerning tastes of our esteemed clientele in Ahmedabad, says Zaveri. While each of their collections are fairly difficult to replicate, the former even more so. “These had a lot of heritage pieces fitted with Russian and Colombian emeralds whose size and shape can be extremely difficult to recreate. And so, it was perfect for people looking for unique one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces for their special day.” Select clientele When it comes to exclusive, limited-edition collections, one often wonders if it was created keeping a select clientele in mind. In particular, a segment of people that understand the true meaning of luxury and its value as well as the craftsmanship involved. This is particularly to do with products like jewellery,where clients understand the intricacies of designing and producing unique pieces, using rare gems, unique cuts and exceptional bespoke designs that are almost impossible to mimic. Harit Zaveri Tarang Arora luxury connoisseurs, would believe that investing in limited edition pieces is a luxury experience given the product’s rarity and exclusivity,” says Pernia Qureshi. Agreeably, designer Vaishali S commends the experience itself rather than the rarity of the product. “Limited edition itself does not equal luxury unless the limited-edition collection is paired with a luxurious experience. Because in the luxury industry, it’s more about the experience rather than the product itself.” Research strategies As one can expect, the research conducted before releasing any limited-edition product/s is meticulous, especially since brands want to deliver a product that is rare with a never seen before appeal. In fact, the research is what shapes the vision. When it comes to the automobile industry, Pawah believes that limited edition cars have the ability to invoke an emotion while celebrating special story. “This could either be a nostalgic moment from the brand’s historic legacy, the celebration of a milestone, an exclusive expression of art, or a signature interpretation of an iconic personality. Deemed prized collectibles, it is the exclusive story of the design that sets the car apart from other core products,” he adds. As for jewellery, ensuring the highest level of quality and precision is of utmost importance for Harit Zaveri Jewellers, regardless of whether it is a limited collection or not. Zaveri shares that there are a number of considerations to keep in mind when designing a limited collection, including rarity, availability, and difficulty to recreate. “We dedicate extensive periods of time to source some of the most exquisite and valuable gems, while ensuring that we’ve gathered a substantial collection before commencing with the design process, to ensure that our pieces are truly one of their kind.” The main objective for limited edition releases is to ensure exclusivity. However, when it comes to a collection or group launch, it is important to ensure that each piece connects with the other, rather than be a mix of randomness. “Each piece is designed differently,” says Anushree Reddy. “Each piece may have its own story. But at the same time, they should come together to tell a unique story.” Bespoke collections Painting a picture of their most successful limited-edition Anushree Reddy Harit Zaveri F E B R U A R Y 2 0 2 3 |L U X E B O O K| 9 8|L U X E B O O K|F E B R U A R Y 2 0 2 3