Luxebook Jan-Feb 2024

Luxury real estate is the epitome of refined taste, sophisticated living, and exquisite architectural artistry. Over the years, the industry has got a variety of treatments from grand estates nestled amidst lush greenery to modern penthouses soaring above the urban skyline. This meticulous attention to detail ensures that every element seamlessly integrates with the overall design, creating a harmonious and luxurious living space. In the realm of luxury real estate, homes are no longer mere structures; they are evolving into masterpieces meticulously designed to embody innovation and opulence. Kunal Verma, the visionary founder of KVIRAAJ explains, “The contemporary approach to designing homes goes beyond aesthetics; it’s about creating masterpieces that resonate with the individuals who inhabit them.” With the world becoming more exposed, integrated, and digitally connected, aspirations of individuals have sky-rocketed and that’s prevalent in the changing landscape of real estate across the world. The world of luxury real estate is undergoing a paradigm shift, where homes are not just properties but reflections of individual tastes and aspirations. Today there is a growing importance of marrying innovation, sustainability, and personalization to create architectural masterpieces that redefine the very essence of luxury living. “In contemporary terms, pure luxury and opulence are passé as people are moving towards a more personalised interpretation of luxury,” stated Karan Desai, Founder and Architect at Karan Desai Studio Architecture + Design. “It’s no longer just about grandeur; it’s about purposeful design and experiential living.” The discerning eye of architects and designers is now fixated on creating living spaces that not only stand as a testament to structural brilliance but also encapsulate a profound understanding of the human spirit’s need for sanctuary and connection with nature. But while nature blends with concrete, opulence and luxury are at the helm of these structures known as real estate masterpieces. It’s pretty much like making real estate an artists’ canvas where architects and interior designers create the unimagined. affluent individuals are reshaping the meaning of opulence in real estate. According to Verma, “affluent individuals are pushing boundaries by incorporating unique features such as private spas, home theaters, and indoor swimming pools, creating personalized oases for relaxation and entertainment.” The appeal of architectural marvels in luxury real estate points to the fact that houses are not just places to live; they may be residing canvases that challenge conventional notions of design and redefine what is possible. The evolution of luxurious structures mirrors the converting lifestyles and preferences of individuals. Modern luxury residences are not limited to opulence; they encompass a philosophy that embraces capability, sustainability, and immersive enjoyment. The emphasis on open areas, and seamless indoor outdoor living reflects a shift toward a greater holistic and modern-day definition of luxury. “Designing homes as masterpieces involves a deep exploration of innovative concepts,” remarks Ms. Tania Bhatia Shringi, Principal Designer at India Sotheby’s International Realty. “We are witnessing a paradigm shift where individuals recognize the significance of integrating biophilic elements, sustainable technologies, and nature-first materials into the very fabric of their homes. This goes beyond aesthetics; it’s about fostering an environment that resonates with comfort and rejuvenation.” Transformative trends shaping real estate As the demand for homes as sanctuaries grows, individuals are embracing uniquely tailored designs, design concepts that seamlessly blend with nature, sustainability and cultural tapestry to name a few. Tania Bhatia Shringi Principal Designer, India Sotheby’s International Realty Kara Desai Architectural Innovations 14|LUXEBOOK |JAN/FEB 2024 JAN/FEB 2024 |LUXEBOOK|15