Luxebook July 2023

While trends are primarily how the retail industry operates, off late there have been movements that attempt to turn the tide. One of the biggest trends to catch on, ironically, is quiet luxury, or luxury goods that redeem themselves purely on the basis of quality, and not any labels. What is it? Also referred to as ‘stealth wealth’, quiet luxury to put it in simple terms, is a luxury that hides itself. Unlike other brands who boast their logos all over their products, quiet luxury keeps it minimal and sophisticated. A tendency towards classic, high-quality items that demand some level of insider knowledge to appreciate is known as quiet luxury. Anyone can see a piece covered in logos from a major luxury brand and understand what it costs and how much money it is worth, but quiet luxury, which is distinguished by its lack of overt branding, places value in the materials, craftsmanship, and design, all of which require training to appreciate. Taking a moment to step away from the commotion and hype of the present fashion scene is necessary for quiet luxury. Instead, choose items based on their construction or how they feel against your skin. The philosophy behind quiet luxury is to look away from giant marketing campaigns and to place focus on the true value of the product. By perhaps understanding how the cashmere in a sweater is spun, will leave you with a deeper understanding of what makes the clothes you wear unique. BY JADE CRASTO How logo free brands are taking over the market How did it come to be? A number of general socioeconomic status behaviours that encouraged its development in recent months are likely responsible for the quick ascent of quiet luxury. One such tendency is the constant preoccupation with shows of fortune on social media. Unquestionably, the emergence of social media over the past ten years has increased the focus on individuality and, especially, on self-image. The near-universal trend among influencers and digital artists to create posts in which they seemed indisputably charming, successful, and, above all, wealthy was spawned by this increase in the significance of one’s public-facing online identity. This urge to appear wealthy gave rise to the hotly contested fashion trend known as logo-mania. The term logo-mania describes the fashion fad of covering every square inch of an outfit with a brand’s logo, distinguishing symbol, or name. Eventually, the promotion of logo-mania by different internet celebrities had a domino effect and spread among the general public only by posting on their personal accounts. If you logged onto Instagram, you would see hundreds of people splashed in Gucci or Louis Vuitton. However, when these overt shows of wealth spread across society, they started to lose their appeal. Simply said, the proliferation of these logo-adorned items robbed them away from their authentic significance as visible signs of monetary success. As a result, the influencer community was compelled to mimic the style of an even more elite social class, giving rise to the old money aesthetic. The 26|LUXEBOOK|JULY 2023 JULY 2023 |LUXEBOOK|27 QUIET LUXURY