Luxebook July 2023

BY ARUSHI SAKHUJA Ritu Kumar Set of 3 – `1800 Luxury Car Accessories to add to your collection Luxury car owners know their car deserves the finest automotive products, be it an accessory or a spare part. These passionate car lovers with thick wallets love to accessorize their cars and give them a classy makeover with luxe add-ons (also with a whopping price tag!). While some of these accessories are designed to enhance visual appeal, some are designed to aid convenience and comfort. Here’s a look at some of the most outrageously priced flamboyant accessories you can pick from storeshelves for your four-wheeled beloved. 1. Mercedes Benz Crystal Pen Flaunt your love for cars on your office desk as you add this paper weight to your table. The decorative and functional paperweight in the Mercedes-Benz design idiom becomes the eye-catcher on any desk. 2. Bentley GT3-R Bronze Sculpture Looking for a masterpiece to enhance your home? Pick the Bentley GT3-R Bronze Sculpture which depicts the iconic Bentley GT3-R. The detailed sculpture makes a striking addition to any home. 3. 4K HD Touch Screen Make long car journeys more comfortable with a 4K smart tv screen in your car. Not only is it for videos, but the multiple outputs even lets you connect your laptop and phone to work on a bigger screen. The 10.6in Dual Headrest Video Players with WiFi, 4K HD Touch and more will make your journey far more comfortable. With the built-in speakers, you can use an FM transmitter to transmit to car speakers, you can also use BT headphones or wired headphones. 1 3 9 To amp up the fun, you can even add a flutter effect to these lights. The Starlight Headliner is a spellbinding Rolls-Royce Bespoke feature. Make every journey a magical experience with a stellar scene above you. 7. Bose seatcentric sound Live for a unique audio experience in your car with the Bose Seatcentric sound system for a personalized the experience. The comprehensive sound system is fitted on the headrest of the seat making each hearing experience a personal one. It is currently available for Porsche, Hyundai, Kia and Nissan. 8. Pagani Padded Jacket The new Pagani capsule collection from La Martina is inspired by the Huayra R supercar. This eye-catching neon padded jacket is made with goose down with front closure and laces and nylon effect lining. It has aihgh neck and hood closing on the front. The logo of the Pagani capsule is embroidered on the front together with La Martina one. Versatile and comfortable, it is ideal to wear with trousers or a denim collection. 9. McLaren PX8 Headphones Your favourite car brand now offers impeccable audio quality. THE Px8 McLaren Edition headphones fuse McLaren-inspired styling and high-performance wireless sound, an iconic collaboration between Bowers & Wilkins and McLaren Automotive. 4. Breitling Mulliner Tourbillon – Bentley Bentayga British Brand Bentley has unveiled the world’s most expensive car accessory: a built-in Breitling clock for the dashboard. At almost `1.2 cr — on top of the car’s price tag. This clock is a self-winding tourbillion and a true horology masterpiece. It comes with a casing made of white or yellow gold. The dial can be created in two versions — white or ebony black mother-of-pearl. Indices on this clock are made of diamonds, while the tourbillion has its own titanium cage. Bentley claims Breitling can only build four of these in-car clocks each year, and two are already sold. 5. Ferrari Sneakers Stand out from the crowd as you step into the striking Ferrari Men’s leather sneakers with multi-layer laminate-like finish. The bright red hue pays homage to the body of Ferraris and are inspired by their iconic paint. What’s more? The metal Prancing Horse has a ruthenium finish that has undergone a special anti-fingerprint treatment. 6. Rolls Royce Starlight You can install a special starry night sky within the interiors of your car to make it a tad luxe. Sith a child-like bubbly feeling, it promises to bring some twinkle to your eyes on a dark somber night. starlight’s tend to make us chuckle and feel joyful for some specific purpose. Starlights could be placed on the roof of the car so that when you look upwards, the roof of your car feels like you’re staring into the night sky. 6 7 4 2 5 8 6|LUXEBOOK|JULY 2023 TRENDING JULY 2023 |LUXEBOOK|7