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SVAMI does not make a spirit at all rather they focus on flavours. “We’ve broken down a spirit flavour, for example, gin is broken down into what botanical is contributing to which flavour and mouth feel, and accordingly we build our recipe. For gins, juniper will always be a very important botanical, so we started with that and further layered it with botanicals like coriander, angelica root and citrus peels before blending it with our tonics to create a zero-proof gin and tonic. Similarly SOBER gin too extracts flavours to create the beverage. “We extract sophisticated flavours from all-natural sources at our workshop in South Goa. Some herbs and botanicals we use are associated with therapeutic properties. We distill that historical knowledge into bottles of happiness to lock it in, that’s where the flavour profile and health benefits come from,” says SOBER’s Pahuja. And if you’re wondering what the best way to savour it is, then we have the answer. Top up your glass of alcohol-free gin with tonic and a garnish of your choice or ask the bartender to stir up a delicious cocktail. But how close do these alternatives come to real gin? If you’re drinking a non-alcoholic spirit neat, it’s hard to recreate the throat burn you’d find with alcohol. The purpose of tonic hence has less to do with diluting a strong substance and more to do with replicating the usual mixing procedures for making cocktails. So, next time, you’re not drinking at a party, give the fizzy drinks a miss and pop open a can of zero-alcohol beer or pour yourself a no-alcohol cocktail. blend that did the trick for us. Some botanicals bring in the sensation of heat while others help it surface, leaving you satisfied and well in the end.” There are a few other well-known alcohol-free brands in India as well including Mumbai-based SVAMI by Aneesh Bhasin and Kati Patang. The former is a pioneer in the Indian craft tonic water space and launched ready-to-drink non-alcoholic cocktails like G&T, Pink Gin & Tonic. Delhi-based craft beer brand Kati Patang has also launched a range of non-alcoholic beverages including the NOT G&T. Kati Patang’s NOT G&T uses natural extracts and botanicals to impart the same flavour, colour and magic. With 0% alcohol, the sparkling drink blends the aroma and sweetness of Juniper, the lingering freshness of Lemon & Basil and hints of Tonic bitterness. The process of making alcohol-free gin Being zero Proof, the Svami G&T offers the same refreshing taste of a G&T with just 82 calories per bottle. But how is it made? Aneesh told LuxeBook that 46|LUXEBOOK|JUNE 2023 JUNE 2023 |LUXEBOOK|47