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to data from NielsenIQ, in 2021, non-alcoholic beverage sales increased 33 per cent to $331 million. And the International Wines and Spirits Record (IWSR) — a leading source of data, analysis and insights on the global alcoholic beverage market — recent reports suggest that the trend for ‘interesting, alcohol-free spirits shows no sign of slowing down, with consumption of no and low spirits expected to increase 31% by 2024.’ Analysts at Deloitte have reported that millennials drink 20 per cent less than their parents, while the Society of Independent Brewers found that those aged 18–24 was almost twice as likely to say they didn’t drink as those aged 35-44, which the Society puts down to an increased focus on “physical and mental health”. Thus, brands are making big efforts to cash in on this latest demand. “With the younger generations being more and more aware and conscious about their health choices, we are seeing a huge shift in our younger customers who would rather opt for an alcohol-free spirit on nights that they aren’t drinking as opposed to a mocktail or a soda,” Pahuja told LuxeBook. In the UK there is an alcohol-free gin brand namely, Sky Wave Zero which delivers the familiar juniper and citrus burst flavours to gin lovers so they can savour drinks but without any of the alcohol. “We know that there are times when you want to enjoy the experience of drinking a gin and tonic, but you don’t want the alcohol. I worked hard to create a great-tasting, premium alcohol-free alternative to sit alongside our existing range. I selected high-quality ingredients including three citruses and fresh ginger to create a journey through zesty bursts with hints of savoury and sweetness culminating in a twist of warmth,” said Sky Wave Master Distiller, Andrew Parsons. Sky Wave Zero is instantly lemony on the nose, the palate has discernible juniper melded with other botanicals and a hint of spice. Alcohol-free gin in India While the West was introduced to the concept a few years ago, India is still finding its feet in the new industry. However, that is not to say that India doesn’t have a fair share of enthusiasts experimenting with non-alcoholic beverages. There is a growing trend in sober curious individuals says Pahuja. “ It’s not just the Tier 1 cities that are being “Sober Curious”, we have been getting orders from across the country from all age groups. The non-alcoholic beer space has already been gaining momentum in India in the last couple of years, and it was only time that someone did the same for spirits.” But he did point out that it will take a while for the market to grow given the learning curve for Indian consumers.” The pros of non-alcoholic beverages though, definitely outnumber the cons – they are low on calories, healthier and, do not compromise on taste. Goa-based Gin, SOBER has zero carbs, zero sugar, zero alcohol, five calories and is infused with juniper berries, ashwagandha and tulsi. “Juniper berries, Tulsi and Ashwagandha are the three key ingredients we use to make Sober spirits for better days.” Giving us a brief insight into how the flavour is replicated in alcohol-free gin Vansh said,” No two Gins have the same flavour profile. However, we’ve sourced the best natural botanicals and ingredients that gives Sober Gin a spot-on flavour profile just like your favourite gin that’s complex, aromatic, and even finishes with the familiar kick of a fine adult beverage. We recreated the burn through a very concise mix of herbs after trying various recipes. The result was a complex plant-based 44|LUXEBOOK|JUNE 2023 JUNE 2023 |LUXEBOOK|45