Luxebook May 2023

World’s Best Blended Malt: Taketsuru, Pure Malt The Taketsuru Pure Malt is a blend of malt whiskies from various distilleries including the Yoichi and Miyagikyo distilleries. The Taketsuru Pure Malt label was created in honour of Masataka Taketsuru and balances light-bodied sweetness with the added complexity of smokiness. World’s Best Bourbon: The Representative, Bourbon The World’s Best Bourbon title was taken home by The Representative: a 4-year-old, 115-proof expression, sourced from MGP in Indiana and bottled by Proof and Wood. There are brilliant cherry and treacle notes in the finish that are unusual for the distillery. World’s Best Tennessee: Jack Daniel’s, Bonded A must-try for fans of Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7. Bonded takes the classic recipe of 80% corn, 12% malted barley, and 8% rye and dials up the intensity thanks to the higher ABV. Barrels were hand selected for their unique and particular characteristics, and caramel, oak and baking spice notes are joined by stewed fruits sprinkled with brown sugar. World’s Best Corn: Upshot, Red Corn Whiskey This rare heirloom variety, is also known as ‘Jimmy Red’. Compared to the regular Upshot which uses yellow corn, red corn doesn’t carry the heavier vanilla or spice notes. A lighter, more gentle character carrying new honey, apple, and toffee flavours developed with a creamier mouth feel. This is the first red corn whiskey in Australia and, as always, it is perfect for enjoying across seasons. Bottles will be hand signed by Master Distiller Jimmy McKeown and there are only 900 bottles in total. World’s Best Wheat: Lone Elm, 4 Years Old Single Barrel With 60% ABV, Lone Elm’s, 4 Years Old Single Barrel is specially selected barrels by the master distiller and bottled at barrel proof making it a unique and distinct full-bodied whiskey. Tasting notes include dark cherry, stone fruit beginnings with touches of currant and cocoa, finished with after tones of oak, vanilla, saddle leather and hints of tobacco. World’s Best Rye: Millstone, 100 Rye Millstone’s unusually long 11-day fermentation production process of controlling the development of this rye from grain to glass has made the bottle earn the title of World’s Best Rye from the World Whiskies Award. The nose has rich notes of citrus fruit and spices with delicate tones of honey combined with vanilla and oak. The taste is richly fruity, with honey sweetness and delicate spicy notes and a long peppery vanilla and oak finish. World’s Best Pot Still: Macaloney’s Island Distillery, Kildara Signature Selection Kildara is a combination of Kentucky Bourbon, Spanish Oloroso, virgin American, and Spanish Pedro Ximénez (PX) casks. The result is a full-bodied, triple-distilled single potstill, island whisky. The palate is velvety-soft, resplendent with full-bodied Sherry and tropical fruit. Oatmeal develops into oak spices, coffee, dark chocolate orange, nectarines, stewed plums, blackcurrant, red currant and sultana’s, coming together as sweet dark fruitcake and honey. The finish presents dried fruit with a hint of salt and dulse, lingering oak and more Sherry, ending with hazelnut and almond raspberry pie with a drizzle of dark chocolate. 36|LUXEBOOK|MAY 2023 MAY 2023 |LUXEBOOK|37