Luxebook May 2023

World’s Best Grain: Hwayo, X. Premium The Hwayo X. Premium is a single-grain whisky made from a short grain Japonica rice. The whisky was aged for 5 years in American oak barrels and finished for 6 months in an ongi, a Korean earthenware port traditionally used for fermentation. The term Hwa means fire and yo means nobility in Korean, reflecting a focus on honouring Korea’s long tradition of distillation through the production of rice whiskies. World’s Best New Make & Young Spirit: Niigata Kameda, New Pot Peated Niigata Kameda New Pot Peated has won World’s Best New Make & Young Spirit. The quality of their new make has turned quite a lot of heads here in Japan so there’s no surprise it also has international appeal. World’s Best Flavoured: Tullamore D.E.W., Honey Lively on the nose with new oak, raspberries and cinnamon, with a palate rich with cereals, caramel and pecan nuts. There’s a subtle vegetal quality along with sweet spices, which lead into a medium-length finish World’s Best Design & Best Bottle Design: Cù Bòcan, 15 Years Old The artistic bottle encases a rich, full-bodied whisky. The nose brings notes of caramel and chocolate. The complex palate brings a soft muskiness with hints of leather and spice together with sherry notes with an added earthiness and a hint of peaty flavours. This is a rich and decadent whisky yet balanced throughout. World’s Best Limited Edition Design: The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. The company behind the world’s most expensive whiskey, The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. has released a limited run of bottles from its award-winning ultra-rare whiskey portfolio, including The Devil’s Keep which has won the award for the World’s Best Limited-Edition Design. The Devil’s Keep, at Selfridges, with a limited run of just 12 bottles available in store and online priced at £12,400 each and is an ultra-rare, triple distilled, 29.9-year-old single malt whiskey. 38|LUXEBOOK|MAY 2023 Mumbai | Delhi | Chennai | Bangaluru | | T +91 22 68468500 Taking India to the world! Since 1979. DIGITAL | PRINT | TV | EVENTS | CONTENT | LUXURY | PUBLISHING | EXPOSITION India’s leading international media services & content creation company.