Luxebook November 2022

Bangalore Brunton House - FADD Studio, Farah and Dhaval Design This 13,000 sq ft. home in Bangalore, designed by FADD Studio is a sight to see. The Brunton House is simply wonderful and breathtakingly simple in its design approach and philosophy in terms of sizes, volumes, and epic proportions. While the home’s materials give it a simple appearance, the volumes elevate it to a completely new level. The use of straight, angular, and parallel lines that appear to occasionally converge produces spectacular geometric optics that border on the abstract. Local materials combined with understated furniture and Indian art provide an aura of wealth, history, and timelessness. The house has a very minimalist approach, using shades of black, grey, white, and brown wooden flooring. The furniture is colourful but subtle. Art, and a few planters placed around the house and the sunroofs give life to the minimalist home. FADD Studio has with no doubt crafted a beautiful home that has a whole new level of grandeur. The Saxenas Home - A 360 Architects The clients wanted a home that would look good in any time period or location that it may be placed in. They wanted a space where they could entertain their guests, Indian and global, in surroundings that exuded a sense of contemporary elegance. The exteriors of the Saxenas home relate to their lifestyle; one that revolves around the latest in the tech world. Subhash, the principal architect, wanted to create an exterior that was seamless; 40|L U X E B O O K|N O V E MB E R 2 0 2 2 Brunton House Brunton House The Saxenas Home Brunton House N O V E MB E R 2 0 2 2 |L U X E B O O K|41 The Saxenas Home The Saxenas Home