Luxebook November 2022

something that would not look out of place, no matter where in the world it was placed. The main entrance on the ground floor opens up to a small foyer that leads into a double height, expansive living room. Based on Vaastu, the frosted double glass doors of the Puja Room are placed to left of the entrance. This blends well with the design of the outer cantilever and stone finish on the exteriors, which conforms to the Puja Room space on the inside. The living room opens out to the dining room. Large double doors lead to the garden space and the sitout on the right side. The dining room leads to an open modular kitchen with an island cooking station, offering a complete view of the home, right through the dining and living room. The first floor houses two bedrooms and a lounge which opens out into the balcony. This balcony looks down on to the garden to the left of the house. The master bedroom is an expansive space. The next floor is primarily for entertaining visiting guests. The space holds a state-of-the-art home theatre, complete with sound-proof panelling, ambient lighting, Lazy Boys, and an audio-video set-up. The family also entertains guests at the bar and lounge on this floor. This space has a panelled false ceiling facilitating ambient lighting. The color palette across the house is minimalistic,with whites and browns being predominant. The touch of green on the exteriors completes the beauty of this home that is a pleasure to come back to each day. Nagpal Residence - Treelight Design On the top floor of a residential building in Bangalore’s greenest neighbourhood lies a tropical inner city duplex penthouse. In order to define and establish solitude, the penthouse plays with characteristics like new, neutral surfaces and a pattern of walls, yet it nevertheless maintains an open atmosphere and promotes the free flow of natural light. The upper level of the apartment has a mellow vibe, which is a light-hearted transition from the lower floor’s formal expression. The penthouse’s interior design and features flow together, much like a river does as it passes through different elements. The blue staircase effortlessly connects the apartment’s two levels, giving the impression of a river flowing. White marble flooring dominates the lower level, while playful mosaic designs go up to the upper level. The apartment’s construction and interior design use raw and natural materials like marble, natural stone, mosaic, and others. Through their aesthetically pleasing, finished presentation, these materials produce a soft and neutral effect. Living, eating, and bar areas are located on the lower floor. A bedroom with a front lounge that can be converted into a private area upon request is also located there. The lower level is intended to have an open layout that is maintained by several static and movable partitions. The blue jali wall made of ceramic pottery by the dining area offers beauty and solitude. The upper floor now includes a master bedroom, a sizable lounge area, and a patio that was formerly just one enormous terrace with no structure. Its construction was intended to be both aesthetically pleasing and lightweight. The lounge area’s huge glass windows let natural light flow in. The master bedroom is also built to take advantage of the sunset views and let light freely pass through. Pune Sky Retreat - ADND Completed in 2016, this 3,600 sq ft. penthouse is in a premium high rise at Koregaon Park, Pune and is one of the most sought-after addresses in Pune City. This home was designed by ADND, who fulfilled the owner’s wishes of wanting a home that doubled up as a space to rewind and relax. The elegant yet comfortable home has a luxuriously sized living room which is combined with the lounge area and the dining room divided by a finely crafted screen. A strong sense of style is added to the space by strategically placed accessories and oversized artwork. The door to the master bedroom suite is deftly hidden in the bar-coded dark veneer cladding of the living wall. The client’s intended appearance and feel is characterised by grey walls, stained wooden flooring, and charcoal grey drapes dividing the bed and bathroom area. The parents’ bedroom, to reflect their taste, is covered in subtle beige tones. The daughter’s bedroom, also designed to reflect her personality, has light wood flooring, stained white open grain wardrobe shutters and white brick cladding. The towering, double-height patio area that was adjacent to the main living room served as the project’s focal point. Black granite strips with varying textures are used to cover the double-height terrace wall, which serves as the backdrop for an extended island counter with in-situ grey concrete finish. Dark wood decking and stark white outdoor lounge chairs and a daybed contrast with the infinity edge plunge pool. Setting the mood for the area where the lines between inside and outdoors are fuzzy are hanging pendant lights, coves, uplighters for planters, and gentle pool lights. BEHL House - VDGA Architects This house, which is situated in one of Pune’s upscale neighbourhoods, was designed as a blend of modern and traditional architectural elements. The client’s request for an 8000 square foot, five-bedroom home was relatively straightforward. The bungalow was to be laid out around a series of courtyards, with natural light bringing drama to the rooms. The entry way to this beautiful plot has a landscape garden and cascading water body right up until the main door. The living room and the office are located on the lower level of the house, which is one metre above the top level. This split-level design preserved visual connectedness between the public and private areas while ensuring privacy for the home’s “personal space.”The dining room is flanged by a completely green court on the upper ground level. Following the dining room, the lengthy hallway opens into a dry, manicured patio decorated with antiques and set against a wooden laser-cut panel. When opened, this pivoting panel links the house’s interior and exterior. The parent bedroom and the guest bedroom are separated by a court that is furnished with traditional Keralan items.The rich colours of the painting and the pedestal lamp, along with the interplay of light and shade, make this area the centre of the house. The staircases are all designed as straight flights in accordance with the idea of uninterrupted visual lines. The master bedroom, sons’ and daughters’ bedrooms, the gym, and the home theatre are all located 42|L U X E B O O K|N O V E MB E R 2 0 2 2 Treelight Design Treelight Design N O V E MB E R 2 0 2 2 |L U X E B O O K|43 Sky Retreat BEHL House