Luxebook November 2022

on the first floor. The house’s interior design plan was not an afterthought; rather, the interior design and architecture processes were integrated. Residential Home - The Arch Studio This 3BHK apartment in Sopanbaug, Pune is a resonation of the client’s vision of opulence and minimalism. This apartment was turned into a place for relaxation and rejuvenation thanks to the restrained architectural ethos and attention to detail by The Arch Studio. The seamless blending of the living and dining areas gives the impression of a larger space. The dining room’s mirror panelling, and decorative chandelier add depth to the room, making them its standout features. The rooms are intended to create a cosy and opulent atmosphere with plenty of natural light coming in from the large corner windows and luxuriant bamboo trees outside. The Arch House - Lahoti and Associates The beautiful home in Pune by Lahoti and associates oozes Roman charm. When it comes to the type of space they intended to live in, the homeowners had a few preferences. They wanted a home that expressed their strong practical and artistic sides, and the designers made sure it happened. The design explores a multidimensional journey of applying curves and organic features to bring softness and comfort to the interiors against a neutral, muted colour palette that emanates subtle beauty. Here, the emphasis is mainly on Scandinavian influences and welcoming minimalism. The living area has a neo-classical motif and is cosy and friendly. Contemporary furniture silhouettes adorn niches, their exposed metal and wood accents harmonising with the richly textured materials. This home’s ample natural light creates a strong connection with nature in every area. The patio, however, is the main feature of the house and is both simple and bohemian. Cane gives the light grey upholstery a rustic flare while allowing the living area to flow easily outside. The terrace’s distinctive domed structural element stands out and immediately exudes a special formal beauty. The design of the bedrooms aesthetically conveys a sense of privacy, just like the expressive terrace appeals to new interactions. A play of timber hues with greys and a sequence of fluting bring a traditional flair to the master bedroom and create a volumous appearance. The children’s bedroom looks more fun with a splash of colour. In the guest bedroom, a restrained colour scheme predominates with a strong Scandinavian influence. Every room in this house features an arch, which acts as a unifying element and unifying design theme. 44|L U X E B O O K|N O V E MB E R 2 0 2 2 The Arch Studio The Arch Studio Mumbai | Delhi | Chennai | Bangaluru | | T +91 22 68468500 Taking India to the world! Since 1979. D I G I T A L | P R I N T | T V | E V E N T S | C O N T E N T | L U X U R Y | P U B L I S H I N G | E X P O S I T I O N India’s leading international media services & content creation company.