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Adorned with their love story As India continues to modernise, brides are seeking personalised jewellery to express their uniqueness and individuality. BY ARUSHI SAKHUJA Akina, Mumbai Indian wedding jewellery is a visual feast. Each region has its own jewellery traditions, representing a part of the country’s rich heritage through its art and aesthetics. Weddings and wedding trends in India are ever evolving and for the Indian bride, jewellery holds special significance. Be it heirloom pieces that have been passed on over generations or handpicked glistening diamonds, polki, emeralds and ruby jewellery sets, bridal jewellery donned by brides symbolizes not just adornment but also tradition, culture, and family heritage. The sparkle and shimmer of the jewellery enhances the beauty of the outfit, adding to her radiance. Indian wedding jewellery is not just decorative but carries a deeper meaning for some. Some women have been utilising their jewellery to tell her own story at the wedding. “Indian brides have evolved more creatively than perhaps in any other culture, over the past few decades. While this is an exposed generation not scared to experiment, it’s also one that finds pride in its Indian roots.” In recent times, the landscape of bridal jewellery has shifted, with an ever-increasing demand for personalization. Rajesh Sanghi, Director, Rosa Amoris says bridal jewellery personalisation demands undivided attention to the client’s needs from the minutest of details, to the completion of the whole trousseau. At Rosa Amoris, Sanghi says, “Every personalised jewellery has a concept behind it, a lot of emotion and thought process goes behind it. Something like this needs a handmade touch and finishing to make sure every part of the piece is given attention.” This trend, although challenging, is carving a unique identity for Indian brides, ushering in a new era of individuality and self-expression. Modern Indian brides today are more independent and self-assured than ever before. And while traditional heirlooms are beautiful, they may not always resonate with their own identity and story. Disha Shah, Founder, DiAi Designs is of the opinion that personalization is key to honouring cultural Shri Ram Hari Ram Jewellers Shri Ram Hari Ram Jewellers 18|LUXEBOOK|OCTOBER 2023 OCTOBER 2023 |LUXEBOOK|19 PERSONALISED JEWELLERY