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Today’s brides are increasingly looking for jewellery that not only reflects their cultural roots but also showcases their individuality and style. Thus, giving rise to the demand for personalized bridal jewellery. At Shri Ram Hari Ram Jewellers, Director, Umang Gupta says “personalization finds a new voice where we as jewellers are excited and trying to reinvent the wheel and serve styles that balance the old and the new. Examples of this are a beautiful polki headpiece that doubles up as a choker, a more practical and easier alternative to the mathapatti.” Brides are inclined toward unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that narrate their love story, and the ideology behind personalization lies in transforming jewellery into a narrative, a symbol, and an embodiment of the couple’s unique journey. Shah says that when a piece is personalised for a bride, that itself is a beautiful feeling because it’s a timeless treasure. One of the most prominent aspects amongst the myriad of bridal jewellery pieces, are wedding ring stands and personalised wedding rings are becoming more popular than ever. Now, personalisation is an artful expression for many brides. While some pick the simplest and most profound form of personalisation through engravings of their names, initials, or significant dates inside their wedding bands, other are channelling personalisation via selecting gemstones based on personal significance. Some others want completely unique wedding jewellery designs, and these brides collaborate with skilled artisans and jewellery designers to craft pieces that are exclusive to them. Yet another way to seek out personalisation is the use of metal for creating the pieces. Furthermore, another way to personalise a piece as highlighter by Gupta is based on the brides’ body type. He said, a petite bride doesn’t need three haars and a fuller bride can demand more majestic stones. It’s important hence to customise and personalise the pieces to make them look proportionate rather than jarring. To cater to the enormous growth in the sector, numerous jewellery brands in India are carving their niche to join the personalization movement. The challenges in personalizing bridal jewellery While the desire for personalized bridal jewellery is on the rise, it comes with its fair share of challenges. The most prominent challenge is striking a balance between tradition and personalization; many brides want to respect and honour their cultural heritage while also incorporating their unique tastes and preferences. “ Timelines are a challenge if personalization must happen soon as we need to ensure that the piece is practical and safe to wear. For example, earcuffs must be tackled keeping weight and proportions in mind, and not just something that looks good for one photo,” said Gupta. At DiAi Designs however, every member of our team is involved in the personalisation process both creatively and administratively. Hence, Shah also believes that the time consumed is a challenge. Sanghi in agreement with the statement quoted that “time is the most important challenge we face when it comes to customised/ personalised jewellery, especially when it is the wedding season, we make sure to keep our production bandwidth at full strength.” Another challenge is finding skilled artisans and jewellers who can execute these personalized designs flawlessly. Traditional jewellery-making techniques are often handed down through generations, and artisans may be more accustomed to creating traditional designs. Therefore, adapting these skills to cater to personalized requests can be a complex process. Cost is also a significant factor. Customized bridal jewellery can be more expensive than off-the-shelf options due to the additional labour and craftsmanship required. This cost factor often necessitates careful budgeting and planning on the part of the bride and her family. Looking ahead In the future, one can expect to see even more innovative approaches to personalization. Advanced technologies like 3D printing and virtual reality could be employed to create highly customized pieces. Furthermore, sustainability and ethical sourcing are likely to become integral components of the personalization process, with couples seeking jewellery that not only tells their story but also aligns with their values. While Sanghi advises brides to always good to customise pieces, Gupta leaves brides with valuable advice while considering personalized bridal jewellery for their wedding day, “Trust your vision but also trust your jeweller. Pick things that you can wear later, as these are expensive and special.” Traditional Indian Bridal Jewellery by Shri Ram Hari Ram Jewellers 22|LUXEBOOK|OCTOBER 2023 OCTOBER 2023 |LUXEBOOK|23