Luxebook October 2023

and the trend has only become bigger with luxury brands coming into play. For instance, I shot this pre-wedding function recently where Louis Vuitton had created art installations everywhere by having their trunks placed around as a part of the theme. They also had initials of every guest put on a bag which was presented to them by the hosts. At another wedding, Dior had a Jungle Safari Dior theme with Giraffe and Tiger at a Mehendi Celebration with the CD emblems and logos an ode to the couple’s taste.” She adds,“There’s a pre-wedding function I shot that was hosted for the bride of one of the richest families in India. In it, they had a sculpture that was half done by a well-known artist that was very interactive and a great way to engage the guests. The bride’s family and friends came around and started painting the sculpture with little motifs,and pictures depicting their personal relation with the bride and of all the things the bride loves – like a little girl skiing with mountains at the backdrop as she enjoys doing that in Switzerland and there was also a red Vespa scooter as it was one of her favourites. The sculpture was ready with her personal story before she made her entry, and she was overwhelmed to see what the most beautiful keepsake. It was captured on camera, and it sure translated into pre-wedding interaction of another level!” In an interesting take on things, she also shot a bridal portrait that was made into a huge artwork. Reveals Ronicka, “I shot the wedding portrait of this bride, which was then made into this stunning 7-foot artwork with Italian mosaic tiles. It had small intricate chips of mosaic and when it was done it could well have been part of the wedding décor! Then at another wedding event I came across a huge stall with expensive paintings that people could gift to the bride. Why go for traditional in the trousseau when you can go with exquisite art?” Couple portraits turn into love narratives Popping the question in a beautiful place can be romantic, but that feeling doesn’t end there. The love story is just as prevalent when the groom and bride-to-be-come together for their couple portrait. Cupcake Productions, which has a whole gamut of these at beautiful locations from Kashmir to a helicopter ride over the Dubai Skyline, attests to that. Says Jayant Chhabra, “A love story plays a big role when deciding on the shoot venue. We have been far and wide with our cameras and captured the Picture courtesy: Raabta Picture courtesy (T-B): Raabta Picture courtesy: Raabta 38|LUXEBOOK|OCTOBER 2023 OCTOBER 2023 |LUXEBOOK|39