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How Indian designers are embracing diversity in wedding fashion BY ARUSHI SAKHUJA In recent years, the landscape of Indian weddings and the fashion that adorns them have undergone a transformative shift. The catalyst for this change? Multiculturalism and growing globalisation and liberalization policies. But in addition to that, celebrity wedding like Priyanka Chopra Jonas’ nuptials with a Hindu phera ceremony and a white wedding further strengthen the hold of the concept in the Indian culture. When Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Nick Jonas tied the knot in 2018, the world watched in awe. Their wedding was a fusion of cultures, from the white wedding gown to the traditional Indian phera ceremony. It served as an inspiring symbol of unity in diversity and ignited a trend for multicultural weddings that resonates even today. Many celebrities followed suit including Mouni Roy. To sight another example, the recently concluded show, Made In Heaven Season 2 proved that Indian designers are becoming more inclusive. The acclaimed series played a pivotal role in showcasing the beauty of multicultural Indian weddings. The show’s second season explored the complexities and joys of diverse love stories, highlighting the need for inclusivity in wedding fashion. Championing inclusivity, it featured creations from some of the biggest names in the Indian fashion space like Gaurav Gupta, Tarun Tahiliani, Raw Mango, Gaurang Shah, Sabyasachi, Rimple and Harpreet Narula, Aisha Rao, Shanti Banaras and Manish Malhotra. While some brides were Hindu, others Muslim, some other Bengali, it also featured a queer couple and modern-age brides. But the couturiers proved that their creations are encompassing and offer something for everyone, no matter their sartorial choices. Pivoting from societal norms to find a new self, the show breaks down the dichotomies of present day relations. But it also promises inclusivity for modern brides. Keeping these in mind, one can say that multicultural weddings and the changing norms of wedding traditions represent a beautiful and evolving aspect of contemporary society. Changing Indian Wedding Traditions Indian weddings have long been celebrated for their rich traditions and cultural significance. In a country that is so diverse, it was only a matter of time that diversity would trickle down to weddings. Indian wedding traditions and fashion are undergoing a profound transformation- a move towards multicultural weddings. One of the most significant changes in recent years is the rise of multicultural weddings in India.Arpita Mehta believes this shift is driven by several factors. “I think that the growing sense of freedom, knowledge, openness, inclusivity, and comprehension has resulted in a rise in multicultural weddings within our nation,” she observes. “It is imperative to uphold and show reverence for the customs and practices when planning for such weddings while also adding a contemporary and captivating twist In our culture, weddings have long been characterized by their rich tapestry of customs and rituals. While these traditions hold a special place in the hearts of some, many are steering away from them. This delicate balance between tradition and modernity is at the heart of multicultural weddings in India. The ever-evolving concept of wedding couture creations and a focus on how designers are bringing inclusivity in fashion with the rise of multicultural wedding rituals. Tarun Tahiliani Hindu Wedding, Made In Heaven Season 2 52|LUXEBOOK|OCTOBER 2023 OCTOBER 2023 |LUXEBOOK|53 MIXED DOUBLES