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the history of the structure and give it a new purpose so that it becomes accessible again,” Purie told me. The idea was, “... to create Veronica’s as your unpretentious, neighbourhood spot in Bandra.The idea was to create an easy, honest space that would serve great food, dished out in a casual and friendly environment. A space where people could hang out, meet friends (old and new), have a work meeting or come for a casual date. We wanted to also ensure that the space retains some of its rawness and its past, in the new avatar.” The Bhawanipur House, Kolkata Kolkata is known for its grandiose red and green bungalows that have a character of their own. Oldschool homes had a charm of their own and The Bhawanipur House, Kolkata is one such bungalow. Reminiscent of multiple eras from Calcutta’s rich and storied past, ts construction dates back to colonial times and it is restored in its classic glory. Today, it has been converted into a space for delectable dishes, drinks and conversations with the idea to inspire a nostalgic journey back to a familiar piece of Kolkata’s history for its people. Sipping a cup of tea here is also about being transported to the city’s history. Maintaining age-old furniture and upholstery, its construction features solid frames and walls that were typical of that period. The authenticity of this 116-year-old heritage home is enhanced with era-appropriate furniture, art and artefacts to keep its vintage vibe intact. From cast iron garden furniture to wood-banistered stairs, the four dining spaces all have their separate identity, yet speak the same elegant design language. Bar Palladio Jaipur The idea behind Bar Palladio was to transport diners to a European home while being in India. Italian owner Barbara Miolini dreamt of a place where people from across the globe could share their stories, find inspiration and unwind, letting their cares melt away. “Bar Palladio Jaipur was born with a simple intent: to present classic Italian cuisine in a beautiful setting to create an atmosphere of magic, a sense of surprise. Inspired by the iconic Caffé Florian and Harry’s Bar in Venice and christened after the Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio, Bar Palladio Jaipur is an ode to Italian style and cuisine, viewed through the prism of a Mughal dreamworld,” said Barbara. Barbara had conceptualized Bar Palladio as a Maharaja’s palace from the 1960s, and hence one can find many wall paintings as an integral large part of the design at Bar Palladio. White-on-blue and, conversely, blue-on-white florals were hand-painted and splashes of neon colours breathed new life into the art of block printing. Jali lamps that are replicas of those in the Jama Masjid at Fatehpur Sikri adorn the main bar and jali screens keep Bar Palladio cool on hot Jaipur days. But scalloped tents in the garden are a true vision of royalty at the Bar. Designed by Dutch designer Marie-Anne Oudejans, Bar Palladio Jaipur is located within a restored garden in the historic Narain Niwas Palace Hotel. As a brand, Bar Palladio believes in fantasy – fantasy allows us to depart from our reality and slip into our imagination. Bar Palladio Jaipur is that very place: a candle-lit wonderland, a floating world. Bar Palladio, in the Narain Niwas Palace Hotel, is the ideal domestic destination if you want to experience the opulence of Venice without sacrificing the personality and colour of Rajasthan. Grand European furniture is juxtaposed with block prints and elaborate Mughal art. Some spaces mimic the inside of a palace, while others take us down for a tour of Mughal heritage, while some others mimic old-school homes with high ceilings and extravagant structures. The emphasis on block prints helps the audience connect with the local handicrafts of Rajasthan. Using blue and white as the main colour palette, painting on the wall, curved stared cases and a large outdoor patio make it seem like you are dining in a royal paradise. According to Dutch designer Marie-Anne Oudejans, the decision to paint Bar Palladio in blue was an impulsive one. HOME Delhi HOME Delhi was designed to resemble a comfortable drawing room, with dedicated areas for a variety of experiences. From a reading corner to a tropicalthemed blush bar, a colonial dining set-up, a retro music lounge with a performance space; the atmosphere is one of comfort and luxury where one can entertain and enjoy with one’s family and friends. Mr. Renaud Palliere COO, The Luxury Collection and International Business, shared his thoughts on the space. “The essence of ‘HOME’ can be felt from the entrance to the The Bhawanipur House, Kolkata Bar Palladio Jaipur ‘Secrets For Sale’, a selection of some of our favourite retail products,” says Purie. The space will instantly put you at ease, almost as if you were dining with close ones in the comfort of your home. Staying away from the traditional cold modern interiors, warmth is added with wood and warmer hues. Given that the café was formerly, an erstwhile bakery, St. Jude Bakery – a bakery that was engaged in large-scale baking for the suburbs – the space has history attached to it. Trehan and Sameer Seth both envisioned Veronica’s to replicate a homely space for the community. “The space has so much history attached to it! Be it in its physical form, or as an entity in the community, and in the neighbourhood of Bandra - this was very evident when we first saw thespace. From the people that have lived in it, to the original St. Jude Bakery, that was now overlaid with all kinds of urban context, we could literally see that in the layers and materials - both old and new. When we saw that, we wanted to use that as a reference, keep it alive in the new space and make it relevant again. The appropriation of the space was to give the place a purpose so that one could acknowledge 30|LUXEBOOK|AUGUST 2023 AUGUST 2023 |LUXEBOOK|31