Luxebook August 2023

culmination, owing to the journey it takes the guests on. With the entrance designed as a London walk up apartment, the guest is introduced to a spectacular view of understated tropical wallpaper custom-made from France and treated to a beautiful visual of a chandelier from a studio in South Africa. It presents its crux as a fine blend of influences from around the world, with sprinkles of relatability of a home instilled as the name, HOME suggests.” Palliere told LuxeBook that HOME is named with the intent of providing distinguished patrons with an atmosphere of comfort and luxury reminiscent of their own drawing room where they can entertain and enjoy with their family and friends. “The place empowers an extraordinary style statement highlighted through vital components like vintage showpieces, a set of Elkington candlesticks, and a sequence of planters sheathed against mirror back, granting an interminable look to the space. Casting an impression of a snug habitat, the design is laid out to instill a variety of experiences, ranging from a Den resonating reading corner, a tropical-themed blush bar, a colonial dining set-up, and a pompous music lounge. Home is the perfect setting for performances of world-renowned artists and at the same time for an intimate dinner.” When it comes to the layout, it facilitates seamless service from the back of the house without compromising on the number of seating.“Our Sunset Lounge,the rooftop dining invites users to a lush, fresh, and vibrant ambience enhanced with a fancy chic character.The terrace houses arched windows and dashes of green with the profound usage of wooden pergolas, supplementing the existing environment with an added essence of vitality.” The Architectural firm DesignEx has used natural materials like wood and bushes in soft furnishing patterns, evoking a snug habitat. The dining area’s walls are reminiscent of old British colonial homes with panels and artworks. The bar complements the music, with cocktails mimicking the variety and genre of music. Al fresco dining on the terrace invites users to a lush, fresh, and vibrant ambience enhanced with a chic character that resembles terrace houses to soak in the good weather. Speaking on the inspiration behind the design Palliere shared, “The design ticks boxes when it comes to inclusivity and accessibility, ensuring that the bar resonates with a sense of belonging, no matter who walks through its doors.” But a space that offers just culinary experiences isn’t enough today. “In a city yearning for a fusion of entertainment and an unparalleled dining journey, HOME recognized the need to craft a unique space. Thus, the vision emerged – to present an exclusive music lounge to cater to its discerning clientele. The design blueprint is made for immersive encounters, from an enclave that emanates the cosy aura of a reading nook, to the vivaciousness of a tropical-inspired blush bar. From a setting that pays homage to colonial aesthetics, to a grand and opulent music lounge.” Nksha, Mumbai Architects Neesha Alwani and Shruti Jalan have put together a spatial tribute to old Bombay glamour complete with modern trappings. Nksha marries the colours and motifs of Art Deco with a contemporary material palette and North Indian cuisine. Art deco imbues every part of this 1520sqft space across its arches, the period wainscoting on the walls, friezes on the ceiling and charming black and white male/ female signage on bathroom doors. The cosy 49-seater feels expansive because of its large windows which bring in the outdoors and the omnipresent neon sign of Churchgate station always reminds you where you are. The fine dining restaurant is a brainchild of food connoisseurs Pranav M. Rungta and Chef Vikram Arora, two culinary masterminds with the vision of mapping the diverse Indian tastes worldwide. Offering a niche dining experience, the exquisite menu features signature dishes such as Truffle Essence, Cheese Kulcha, Roasted Sweet Potato Tikki Chaat, Kacchi Mirchi ka Paneer, Nksha Lobster Curry and more. Resembling the ambience of an old Bombay speakeasy, Nksha is replete with plush fabrics, chandeliers, and Art Deco patterns at every turn. The tradition is known for bold colour combinations, and the blend of coral and forest green was a natural choice. Sachin Nagarale, co-founder of Nksha Restaurant, shared,“Since Nksha is nestled in Churchgate which was predominantly an art deco & cultural habitat it was a no-brainer for us to design something based on art deco which resonated with the rich heritage. The audience is enthralled and is thoroughly enjoying the design feel.” The coral walls and ceilings are offset by deep forest-green floors and antique brass and patina arches as decorative elements. The vintage theme carries across the kansa cutlery on the dark wood tabletops and the gold light fixtures. There is a cosy and gorgeously-lit three-seater bar tucked into one corner, which is great if you are dining solo, stopping by for a quick drink or simply waiting for a table. Pause from your conversations to look around and you will see all that is drawn from extensive research into Art Deco motifs. Embossed porcelain tableware from Adelaide-based potters Robert Gordon, glasses with geometric patterns and fine kansa ware from Delhi’s Khari Baoli market evoke an elegant vintage charm. This is the kind of place that makes you want to dress up for dinner even on a workday week. Adding to the conversation, Sachin said, “The inspiration was exceptional Indian delectable cuisine offered to discerning audiences in an old-world art deco charm. I don’t think it replicates anything but recreates a sense of grandeur and epicurean delight.” It is a modern luxurious revival of the vintage era is what one can say. HOME, Delhi Nksha, Mumbai Nksha, Mumbai 32|LUXEBOOK|AUGUST 2023 AUGUST 2023 |LUXEBOOK|33