Luxebook August 2023

“Chandeliers are marvels of drop-dead showiness,, the jewellery of architecture.” — Peter York Beginning in the 14th century, they were two pieces of wood forming a cross as candle holders. By the 16th and 17th century, chandeliers were turned into luxurious items owned by the wealthy. These fancy light fixtures associated with opulence, usually adorned the palaces and manors of the elite. Traditional chandeliers were characterized by intricate designs, crystal embellishments, and many candles or gaslights, which provided a warm ambience. This symbol of status became its own art form as materials and production techniques improved over time. Rightly called the jewellery of architecture, the chandelier is without a doubt one of the most popular decorative objects of the past. These architectural masterpieces have a rich history that dates back centuries owing to modern evolution in material and design. Giving a new definition to lighting and the importance of these artistic pieces Sunit Kohli, Interior Designer and President K2India told LuxeBook,“Lightning plays a very important part of designing any interiors. Decorative lights are like art, or I believe that they should be treated like that.” Used initially as a means to light up dark spaces in homes, the chandelier has evolved to become more than just a light source. It has become an object of beauty and design. Speaking on the concept of chandeliers, Pranika Kapur Julka, Co-founder of Attico Homes shared, “The word chandelier is a French derivative of chandelle- meaning candle. During that time, chandeliers were an important source of constant light in the room. Later these candle-lit chandeliers evolved into gas lights, which later evolved into electric lights and brought in the modernization of this beautiful design element.” In the modern era, chandeliers have undergone a remarkable transformation. “Drawing inspiration from architectural elements, nature’s beauty, and innovative technology, modern chandeliers now embrace minimalistic forms, avant-garde materials, and dynamic lighting systems. This evolution has revolutionized the concept of illumination,” Nikunj Shah, Promoter, Sources Unlimited told LuxeBook. The evolution of the chandelier The history of this iconic design element began as humble candle holders, which were first used by the Chandeliers of the Modern-Era From modern masterpieces to timeless crystal head-turners. BY ARUSHI SAKHUJA Daughter’s Bathroom, Attico Homes Penta available at Sources Unlimited 34|LUXEBOOK|AUGUST 2023 AUGUST 2023 |LUXEBOOK|35 GLISTENING SPACES