Luxebook August 2023

Your home reflects your sense of self, and that is probably why no two homes have the exact same ambience. However, two homes might be more similar than you think, if you’re thinking in terms of subcultures. After the longstanding debate between maximalism and minimalism, and the forgettable Barbiecore design trend, the internet has now shifted to the dopamine décor trend. Put simply, the previously popular fashion trend serves to create a space that reflects positive emotions. Remember the phrase, “home is my happy place”? The dopamine décor trend will create a living space that actually spells happiness! Happy Home For the unaware, dopamine is a type of monoamine neurotransmitter or chemical messenger that, when released into the brain, communicates feelings of happiness and fulfilment. The dopamine décor trend draws inspiration from the science of how our brain reacts to different environments and aims to create interiors that trigger feelings of happiness, relaxation, and satisfaction. So, what constitutes the dopamine décor trend? Picture your childhood bedroom, full of bright colours, prints and patterns, eclectic artworks, stuffed toys, and anarchic décor – all of which might seem like clutter to others, but is your very own space of ecstasy. That is exactly what the dopamine décor trend is all about. Now depending on who you ask, there are many different reasons for the sudden popularity of the dopamine décor trend. While some believe it to be a derivative of the prevalent maximalism trend, others agree that it stemmed from the Barbiecore trend. And realistically, the latter sounds more believable. The dopamine trend is full of vibrant colours, but one central tone in the trend is that of bright pastels –pink, purple and red, all of which are a major part Barbiecore. Swasti Shah Mehrotra, Founder and Creative Head of The Blue Knot, agrees with Barbiecore playing a part in the trend. “The craze behind Barbie and even the Pantone colour of the season Viva Magenta played a part in promoting the dopamine décor trend. Apart from that, it is the seasonality of décor trends that contribute to the hype behind such trends. As for dopamine décor, the sultry weather makes people yearn for brighter elements that are quirky and cool.” Dopamine vs maximalism The interior design industry is in a constant flux; one moment its simple, elegant interiors, and the next its bold, statement selections. Thanks to the internet, maximalism and minimalism were, for the longest time, BY SCHENELLE DSOUZA Unravelling the Dopamine Décor Trend Here’s everything you need to turn your home into an eclectic mood board. 40|LUXEBOOK|AUGUST 2023 AUGUST 2023 |LUXEBOOK|41 A HAPPY PLACE