Luxebook August 2023

abundance and embrace of the excess. It is a stark contrast of minimalism and aims to create an opulent and visually rich living space. Maximalism, on the other hand, Aside from décor,technologytoo adds to the opulence of a maximalist space which is why tech-inspired décor and elements are a popular choice. As for dopamine décor, the design style integrates technology more thoughtfully, balancing connectivity with opportunities for relaxation and unplugging, while simultaneously incorporating tech-free zones to encourage mindful living. Building on the above, maximalism is all about opulence. And while it does employ a wide range of colours, the general colour palette is limited to deeper hues complemented with bold mix and match elements. Dopamine décor sticks to vibrance – a vibrant, harmonious colour scheme, playful patterns, and kitsch décor. Now dopamine decor isn’t inherently minimalist, although, unlike maximalism, it does place a strong emphasis on functionality and purposeful design to avoid clutter, an important aspect in minimalist design. two of the most popular design trends. Everything from cafés and restaurants to homes and offices reflected either one of these two trends,while some even managed to blur the lines between the two. However, anyone with a keen eye can pinpoint the stark differences between the two.“While maximalism can be about adding objects or making the space look fuller, dopamine décor has an emotional relevance to it. It is nestled on the idea of sparking joy, adding a dash of dopamine through the playfulness of colours, textures, and design patterns,” says Mehrotra. If this still confuses you, here’s how you differentiate dopamine décor from maximalism. Two distinct interior design styles, both dopamine décor and maximalism offer contrasting approaches to creating living spaces. As previously mentioned, the main purpose of dopamine décor is to promote positive emotions, a sense of well-being and happiness. The visual impact of maximalism is significant for creating a sense of drama and extravagance. The goal is to make a bold statement and leave a lasting impression. And so, maximalism is characterized by bold designs – the Swasti Shah Mehrotra, Founder, The Blue Knot 42|LUXEBOOK|AUGUST 2023 AUGUST 2023 |LUXEBOOK|43