Luxebook August 2023

Maximalism is not focused on optimizing space or functionality. Instead, it revels in creating an atmosphere that’s visually stimulating and highly decorative. Given that dopamine décor is meant to ignite positivity, natural elements play a major role in enhancing the space. Indoor plants, natural light, and biophilic design principles are common in dopamine décor as they contribute to a soothing and refreshing ambience. Maximalist interiors are known for their diverse and eclectic collection of décor items,furnishings, and art pieces. The space can be densely adorned with ornaments and decorations. While personalization is encouraged in dopamine decor, it is often done in a way that aligns with the goal of fostering positive emotions. Customized art, sentimental décor, and meaningful pieces are integrated into the design. Maximalism too allows for personal expression, but through a bolder mix of styles, eras, and even cultural influences. Mood Enhancer One of the biggest questions about the inherent dopamine décor trend is how exactly décor and design influences one’s mood. We already know that dopamine décor aims to positively impact one’s mood by creating an environment that triggers feelings of happiness, satisfaction, and well-being. But how does it really do that? The first and most important aspect is the use of colour. For years now, colour psychology has played a part in influencing a person’s behaviour and mood. While dark colours often leave you feeling low and lethargic, bright colours help you feel rather ecstatic and energetic. Colours like sunshine yellow, soft pinks and created by dopamine décor, with its emphasis on vibrant colours, natural elements, and functional design, can lead to positive associations with the space. Spending time in such an environment can contribute to elevated mood and a sense of contentment. Dedicated tech-free zones, comfortable seating areas, and the incorporation of smart home features for convenience all contribute to a holistic approach to interior design. In conclusion, the dopamine décor trend goes beyond aesthetics to prioritize emotional well-being. By using vibrant colours, natural elements, functional furniture, mindful technology integration, and personalization, spaces are transformed into environments that trigger positive emotions and contribute to a sense of happiness and fulfilment. This trend not only beautifies interiors but also nurtures the minds and hearts of those who inhabit them. baby blues, can stimulate feelings of joy and enthusiasm. After the colour, what you put into your room is another element that can directly affect your mood. Indoor plants became an important element for home décor ever since people were forced to stay indoors for months during the Covid pandemic in 2019. Incorporating natural elements into your space is another hallmark of the dopamine décor trend. Biophilic design principles bring the outdoors inside, promoting a sense of tranquillity and connection with nature. Elements like indoor plants, natural materials like wood and stone, organic textures and ample natural light contribute to a refreshing and invigorating ambiance which not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also has a positive impact on mental well-being. These can help reduce stress levels and increase relaxation which is an overall mood booster. Despite its cluttered look, dopamine decor emphasizes functional and comfortable spaces. In terms of furniture and layout, dopamine décor encourages the creation of functional and comfortable spaces. Furniture pieces are selected not just for their visual appeal, but also for their ergonomic design and usability. Welldesigned furniture and open layouts ensure that the space is both visually pleasing and easy to navigate, which fosters social interaction, and ensures that the space can be used for various activities, catering to different moods and needs. Promoting relaxation is among the top priorities for dopamine décor, which is why mindful technology integration is a must. Limiting technology to not only provides opportunities for relaxing but also encourages a healthier relationship with technology. The intentional design choices made in dopamine decor are aligned with the principles of environmental psychology. Creating an aesthetically pleasing, functional, and harmonious environment can have a psychological impact on individuals, promoting a positive outlook and reducing stress. However, it is important to know that the impact of interior design on mood can vary from person to person. Factors such as personal preferences, past experiences, and individual sensitivities play a role in how a particular design style affects an individual’s emotions. Ultimately, dopamine décor aims to enhance well-being and create spaces that promote positive emotional responses, contributing to an overall uplifting and joyful living experience. The overall atmosphere 44|LUXEBOOK|AUGUST 2023 AUGUST 2023 |LUXEBOOK|45