Luxebook Jan-Feb 2024

Old town, Phuket Ocean Resturant of the two chefs’ combined experience and culinary journey, we tasted exclusive creations like the Tokyo Panipuri with red snapper, tamarind glaze filling, and yuzu water. A Japanese Pork cutlet was served with makhani gravy and indriyani rice, and dessert was made with black sticky rice mousse, coconut, and jackfruit with bright blue cotton candy on top. The bold and experimental flavours adding to the everchanging food scene of the city. With a smile across my face radiant with that food glow, I went to sleep early to make sure I was ready on time for our final meal in the city. We left early that morning, starting our day at the calming Wat Phra Thong, home to the half-buried gold-covered Buddha. Highly regarded by the Buddhist community, it is also known as the “temple of the protruding Buddha.” It is one of the oldest temples on the island. The temple is small but considered the local community’s spiritual center. Before heading towards the Old Town, we also stopped at the Big Buddha. Set on the top of Nekkerd Hill, this towering statue of Lord Buddha is 45 meters high and 25 meters wide. As you reach the base of the statue and look around, you see people from all over the world standing in one spot, looking at the same view, and for a moment, everything is perfect. There are temple shops where you can buy leaves made of metal and write your prayer before hanging them on the giant bells next to the statue. You can see Chalong Bay, Karon, Kawai and parts of Phuket city and the vast expanse of the ocean meeting the sky somewhere on the horizon. I passed by a group of travelers practicing the 7-minute happiness meditation with a monk as I climbed down the steps. Smiling, I returned to our van to drive across the city for our final meal. I knew I was about to experience many more minutes of culinary joy. As expected, Chef Seefah saved the best for last. As I walked into the glass doors of One Cheun, I couldn’t take my eyes off the five Michelin Guide stickers. From 2019 to 2023, this restaurant has not missed a beat.You can safely order everything without any fear of disappointment. But you can’t miss the local pineapple fried rice served in a hollowed-out pineapple (of course!) and the most delicious mango sticky rice you will get to taste. Tourists and locals at the Kata Night Market Tofu in traditional Thai green curry with fried rice 40|LUXEBOOK |JAN/FEB 2024 JAN/FEB 2024 |LUXEBOOK|41