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Top Three Restaurants Raya Restaurant: Run by two sisters, this Michelin Bib Gourmand restaurant is as close as you get to eating a homemade meal in Phuket. What to order: Southern crab curry noodles Mor Mu Dong Restaurant: Another Michelin Bib Gourmand restaurant, it is located in a mangrove with a rustic vibe. There are private wooden huts called salas and community tables to choose from. What to order: Stuffed mackerel Kin Dee Restaurant: Located close to highend luxury resorts, this is where locals, as well as tourists, come for a comfort meal. What to order: Sea Grape salad Top Three Bars The Column Phuket: With live bands playing Thai music, a great DJ, and reasonably priced drinks, it is the perfect place to unwind after a day around town. The bar is popular with locals and expats. The Library Phuket: With great cocktails and good music, it is the perfect place to hang out if you want to party with the locals. The bartenders put up quite a show as well. Must visit for the vibe. Dibuk House: With award-winning bartenders creating magic, this Old Town bar is known for its cocktails. Made using seasonal unusual ingredients, it is the perfect place to soak up the SinoPortuguese charm seen all over this bar. Must Eat Desserts Everyone talks about Mango Sticky Rice, but there’s so much more. These are some traditional desserts you can’t miss in Phuket. Tao so: This local pastry crust comes with different fillings ranging from preserved egg and black bean to pineapples and sometimes a mix of onion and coriander. O-aew: A perfect summertime dessert with a jelly made out of the seeds of the local O-aew plants, shaved ice, red beans, and syrup. Ah-Pong: This thin crepe made with rice flour flavoured with coconut milk is so light and refreshing that you can have a dozen without taking a break. Not to miss: Night Markets of Phuket Walk around any of the numerous local night markets. You will be surprised at what you get there. Seefah Says: See what the locals are eating and go for it, as it's usually the best dish on the menu. Planning a trip to Phuket How to get there: Non-stop flights from Delhi (Indigo & Air India). Non-stop flight from Mumbai (Indigo). Where to stay: Le Meridien Phuket Mai Khai Beach Resort Price: 6499 TBH/per night for two guests. Best time to visit: November to April Remember: Most restaurants and night markets accept only cash payments in local currency. Visit: for more details. Chef Seefah’s Phuket Food Guide I walked around the streets of the Old Town, looking at the Sino-Portuguese buildings, coffee shops selling beans, and meat shops with aged beef on display. I wondered if the taste of Phuket is still evolving. Before leaving for the rest of the trip to explore a different part of Phuket, I asked Chef Seefah why she wanted us to come for this trip. She said her fondest memory of an Indian meal is the Konkan food made by her mother-in-law, which is unavailable elsewhere. Similarly, even though people in India are familiar with Phuket, there are still many things to do and much more to explore. She added, “I was given this opportunity by the Tourism Authority of Thailand Mumbai (TAT Mumbai) and Le Méridien Phuket Mai Khao to showcase Phuket. My focus is consistently on showcasing what local people are doing and eating, emphasizing the diverse culinary culture across different parts of Thailand, where I was born.” “Eat simple and eat what the local produce here,” she signed off with her signature smile. As you reach the base of the statue and look around, you see people from all over the world standing in one spot, looking at the same view, and for a moment, everything is perfect Big Buddha, Nekkerd Hill, Phuket 42|LUXEBOOK |JAN/FEB 2024 JAN/FEB 2024 |LUXEBOOK|43