Luxebook Jan-Feb 2024

As the chilly breeze tickles our noses and the aroma of cinnamon hints to us, winter has been around a while. While we relish the joy of donning cosy layers for the season, let’s not forget to turn our homes into ultimate Netflix & Chill cocoons. In the intricate fabric of home life, the importance of snug selections cannot be overstated. From luxurious cushions offering solace to sumptuous throws inviting a retreat, these plush choices transcend mere decor, becoming indispensable ingredients in the formula for a home that not only exudes comfort but also resonates with a feeling of belonging. In this edition, we embark on the delightful task of transforming your living spaces into snug retreats. Each piece is handpicked to cocoon you in warmth and style, from inviting throws that scream relaxation to plush cushions that practically beg you to dive in. It’s a symphony of textures and hues, creating a haven of comfort that not only keeps your space warm but also radiates an irresistible charm. Because at the end, it’s about creating a home that hugs you back with style! Pottery Barn Dream Faux Fur Throw Indulge in the unparalleled luxury through one of Pottery Barn’s best sellers, faux fur throw collection, where dreams of lavish softness comes to life. The contemporary allure of the short, dense pile adds a modern twist, making it a captivating addition when draped over a sofa or armchair. This exquisite throw is meticulously woven from 100% recycled polyester, embodying both opulence and ecoconsciousness. Certified with the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, it undergoes rigorous testing to ensure the absence of over 350 harmful substances, prioritising the safety of you and your loved ones against common textile manufacturing chemicals. Buy here. Pierre Cardin Blanket Since 1950, this eminent French luxury brand has translated haute couture into a tactile experience, offering blankets that seamlessly Soft winter furnishings for a cosy haven! blend warmth and style. The vivid hues offering 10+ shades, carefully curated, endure the test of wash after wash, ensuring your blanket remains as vibrant as the day you first embraced its comfort. Crafted with precision, the elegant design of each blanket guarantees ultimate cosiness throughout the season. Every stitch tells a story of designer comfort, weaving together the legacy of Pierre Cardin with a touch of everyday sophistication. Buy here. Eris Home Forever Knot Velvet Cushion Eris Home has introduced a playful yet functional touch with its latest collection of ‘Shaped Cushions’. In a whimsical ode to the dream of floating in the air, the ‘Cloud’ cushion embodies a serene essence, ensuring comfort as its namesake. Crafted from sherpa fleece, its plush texture offers a warm embrace. For extended hours on couches, chairs, or bed, the ‘Forever Knot’ cushion serves as the perfect sidekick with its unmatched lumbar support and velvety finish. Buy here. Jaypore Fur in Blush Acrylic Cushion Cover For their customers who like all things soft and pink, Jaypore introduced their Faux Fur Cushion in Blush Pink. This enchanting cushion cover, aptly named ‘Fur with Love in Blush’, channels fairy princess vibes and offers a touch of opulence. Whether you desire to enhance your couch with a touch of luxury or transform your bedroom into a fairy tale retreat, this piece seamlessly complements any setting. Buy here. West Elm Silky Tencel Plush Comforter Comforters may come and go, but this masterpiece of cosiness by the one-stop luxury destination, West Elm is crafted for unparalleled comfort and style. Crafted from eco-friendly botanical fibres to bring warmth and sophistication to your space, TENCEL Lyocell stands out for its luxurious silky texture and exceptional moisture-wicking abilities to keep you temperature balanced. This plush, channelstitched comforter comes in three different shades and can be used as a standout on its own or effortlessly layered with a quilt. Buy here. Studio Covers Emilia Bedspread The enchanting Emilia, a ruffle bed cover by Studio Covers seamlessly blends the magic of “less is more” with the idyllic charm of cottagecore. The cascading layers of delicate ruffles add a touch of romance and sophistication to your space. Delicate and whimsical, the ivory Emilia is designed for a standard king-sized bed (6 feet width × 6.5 feet length × 20 inches height). The brand even caters customised tailoring requirements as per the size of the bed. Emilia comes with two Casa Comfort ecru pillowcases, or you can opt for the embroidered Emma pillowcases. The choice is yours! Buy here. Eris Home Forever Knot Velvet Cushion Pierre Cardin Blanket Jaypore Fur in Blush Acrylic Cushion Cover West Elm Silky Tencel Plush Comforter Pottery Barn Dream Faux Fur Throw Studio Covers Emilia Bedspread BY ANUSHKA MANIK 4|LUXEBOOK |JAN/FEB 2024 JAN/FEB 2024 |LUXEBOOK|5 TRENDING