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In the grand tapestry of Indian weddings, the allure of diamonds has long held a place of reverence, casting a spell that transcends time and tradition. Sparkling like stars in the night sky, diamonds have been the quintessential symbol of eternal love, luxury and commitment. From intricate diamond-studded bridal sets to dazzling solitaires that reflect the promise of a lifetime, these precious gems have become inseparable from the sacred vows exchanged under the vibrant hues of the Indian wedding canopy. Additionally, even lab-grown diamonds have seamlessly integrated into the world of natural diamonds, broadening the offerings of renowned jewellery brands. Yet, as the sun sets on conventional norms, a new dawn emerges, heralding an era of choice and individuality. It’s time to rewrite the narrative, exploring alternatives that resonate with the modern bride and groom—those who seek not just sparkle, but a story, not just tradition, but a touch of trend. From the fiery brilliance of rubies to the regal elegance of sapphires, and the ethereal glow of pearls, let us explore the myriad possibilities that await those daring enough to embark on a non-traditional quest for their symbol of forever. Welcome to a realm where tradition gracefully waltzes with the latest trends, and wedding joy harmonises with a symphony of sparkle and style. As we unlock the treasure trove of non-diamond wedding jewellery, bid farewell to the expected and let us escort you through a domain where rings, necklaces, and earrings spin tales of daring elegance and bold romance. Dazzling alternatives to diamond Imagine a world where your bling isn’t just carbon-based but boasts the cosmic charm of moissanite, sparkling like a distant star on your finger. Whether you’re more of a rebel and prefer the bold, fiery allure of rubies, giving your jewellery collection a passionate pop of colour or an eco-conscious bride considering sapphires and emeralds, Not just diamonds: Heritage jewellery makes a comeback the market is now a treasure trove of options that go beyond the traditional sparkle, offering a symphony of hues and textures that make diamonds seem like yesterday’s news. So, why settle for a girl’s best friend when you can have a whole squad of gemstone companions? Talking about the same, Pallavi Sharma, the Business Director of Platinum Guild International (PGI) – India revealed how couples are alternatively resorting to Platinum Love Bands to seize their love for their significant others. She states, “In today’s world, where every moment is treasured for its uniqueness and specialness, Pallavi Sharma, Business Director, Platinum Guild International (PGI) Above & facing page: Platinum Love Bands, New Collection 2023 BY ANUSHKA MANIK 6|LUXEBOOK |JAN/FEB 2024 JAN/FEB 2024 |LUXEBOOK|7 ALL THAT SPARKLES