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Solitaire Rings, Halo Rings, Three-Stone Rings, Vintage Ring, Alternate Gemstone Rings and Three-stone rings. Solitaire rings, which feature a single centre stone, have consistently remained a classic and timeless choice. The design typically features a diamond or another precious gemstone held by prongs or a bezel setting. Halo engagement rings gained significant popularity in recent years. This design features a centre stone surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds or gemstones, accentuating the size of the central stone. Three-stone rings, typically feature three diamonds or gemstones of varying sizes, representing the couple’s journey together. Vintageinspired engagement rings have seen a resurgence in popularity. Designs influenced by different eras, such as Art Deco, Victorian, or Edwardian styles, often incorporate intricate details, filigree work, and milgrain patterns. While diamonds have traditionally been the most popular choice for engagement rings, there has been a rise in the popularity of alternative gemstones. Couples are exploring options like sapphires, emeralds, morganites, and other coloured gemstones as centre stones or accent stones, adding a vibrant and personalized touch to their rings. Yes, wedding rings and bands do differ for men and women, and in recent years, there has been a growing trend toward personalized and unique wedding ring designs for both. As per Snehal men are looking to alternative metals like tungsten, titanium, and palladium, which offer durability and a modern look, coloured gemstones, as well as rings with matte, hammered, or brushed finishes as they add a masculine and rugged touch. Additionally, the concept of personalized engravings such as special dates or meaningful phrases, is becoming more common for both men and women. Whereas women are mixing and matching different metals like rose gold with platinum or white gold, opting for unique diamond shapes, such as pear, oval, or marquise, for a distinctive and eyecatching appearance, and women are also stacking bands instead of wearing a single ring. Milind also points out that “open and interlocking design elements symbolize the bond between partners and have gained attention for their unique and symbolic appeal.” Future wedding ring trends Just like with fashion trends, some trends re-emergence, some disappear, and some continue to stay on as classics. Looking ahead, one can anticipate several exciting trends in the realm of wedding rings. According to Ishan, nature-inspired designs, featuring delicate leaf patterns and floral elements, are expected to gain momentum, symbolizing a deep connection with the environment. However, the jewellery industry too is moving towards ethical practices feel both Ishan and Snehal and hence feel that ethical and sustainable practices will also shape the industry. “ With increasing awareness and concern for the environment and ethical sourcing, there is a growing demand for wedding rings made from recycled metals and ethically sourced diamonds or gemstones,” said Snehal. Adding to this Milind shared that designers may explore new and unconventional materials for rings, such as sustainable alternatives, recycled or upcycled materials, or innovative composites. “These materials could add an element of uniqueness and eco-consciousness to ring designs.” This for him could also mean the rise of multi-functional rings that go beyond ornamental value. For example, rings with hidden compartments, integrated technology, or detachable elements that transform into wearable accessories. But one thing is certain lab-grown diamonds will bring new dimensions to wedding ring designs, allowing for expressions of love. While that might be a new trend, personalization and the fusion of art and jewellery will never cease to exist. “The boundary between jewelry and wearable art may blur further, resulting in pieces that are not just accessories but also artistic statements. These rings may incorporate sculptural elements, mixed media, or collaborative works with contemporary artists,” Milind told LuxeBook. And Snehal concluded that the trend of personalized and unique wedding rings is likely to continue, with couples seeking customized designs, engravings, or incorporating birthstones or meaningful symbols into their rings. Thus, wedding rings will still continue to be a statement symbol and a prized possession for individuals. No matter how much the industry changes, it will remain a symbol of love and commitment. 36|LUXEBOOK|JULY 2023 JULY 2023 |LUXEBOOK|37