Luxebook July 2023

Sunscreens are a trans-seasonal beauty staple. While some may believe skipping sunscreen on a gloomy day is an option, let us tell you that’s not a wise choice. Fact is, sunscreen is a non-negotiable part of your beauty regimen, be it a creamy formula, powder or gel-based. A few new formulations that have been gaining popularity include gel-based sunscreens and lightweight serums. These formulations often provide a cooling effect and can be suitable for oily or acne-prone skin. Additionally, sunscreens with hybrid formulas, such as tinted moisturizers with SPF or sunscreen-infused primers, are also becoming more popular as they combine sun protection with other skincare benefits. Sunscreen lotions can be a menace give their greasy feeling, the subsequent breakouts, and that lingering smell all day. With sunscreen formulas evolving beyond the original white cream colour, it’s easier than ever to wear SPF every single day – especially thanks to the emergence of tinted sunscreens. One such development is powder sunscreen which makes it easier to re-apply sunscreen throughout the day. Everyone from beauty enthusiasts to dermatologists to nongreasy-sunscreen advocates are all about it. Imagine applying a mattifying powder that evens skin tone, covers blemishes, and blocks harmful UV rays, now that’s a dream, isn’t it? But does a powder provide the same protection as slathering on your favorite lotion sunscreen? Because powdered sunscreen bridges skincare and makeup, some have raised questions about whether the SPF integrated in the product is enough to use as a primary sun protection method every day. How exactly do you use powder sunscreen, and is it as effective? We asked the experts how we should be working this new option into our skin-care routines. Ahead, dermatologists Dr. Geetika Mittal Gupta, Aesthetic physician and founder of ISAAC Luxe and Dr Kiran Sethi, Skincare expert, author and Founder Isya, share everything you need to know about using, applying, and re-applying SPF with powder sunscreen. What are powder sunscreens? Powder-based sunscreens mimic the powder setting products that stays on the skin for a long time, hence making it easy to use and suitable for summer. Keeping the oily, greasiness at bay, these are especially convenient for reapplying over makeup during the day. As the name suggests, powder sunscreens are a type of sunscreen that comes in a powdered form, says Dr Kiran.“They typically contain active ingredients such as zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, which provide protection against both UVA and UVB rays. The powder is finely milled, allowing it to be Do Powder Sunscreens really work? Sunscreen is a must and powder sunscreen offers an innovative solution. But are they effective? BY ARUSHI SAKHUJA 38|LUXEBOOK|JULY 2023 JULY 2023 |LUXEBOOK|39 BEAUTY