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easily applied to the skin. To enhance the effectiveness of powder sunscreens, some formulations may also include additional ingredients like antioxidants or antiinflammatory compounds, which can help to neutralize free radicals generated by UV radiation and reduce the risk of inflammation or other skin damage caused by sun exposure.” While it has the texture of loose setting powder, it also offers effective protection from UV rays. The powder creates a physical block over top of your skin, shielding it from UV rays by not allowing them to penetrate through. In essence powder sunscreens are extremely lightweight, so they’re especially good in the summer months because they can mattify the skin, are easy to use over makeup, for reapplication, and aren’t heavy like a cream or lotion. But on the downside Dr Geetika cautions us by saying, “ As they are difficult to apply correctly, it is hard to get enough on your skin for sufficient sun protection.” Why you may ask, she explains, “You can’t get an even application of powder sunscreen because powder application is erratic, the powder is really light and it disperses unevenly across your skin. It’s simply not possible to get perfect powder sunscreen coverage to achieve the SPF 20, 30 or 50 that’s labeled on the product.” So the question remains how does powder sunscreen differ from creamy and stick sunscreens formula? Is powder sunscreen as effective as a stick or cream sunscreen? Powder sunscreen vs other formulas If greasy,creamy formulas aren’t an option for you, then there is a way to protect your skin that doesn’t involve any of the above: powder sunscreens. Powder sunscreens have gained popularity due to their convenience, lightweight texture, and ability to absorb excess oil. They’re easy to glide on and essentially fuss-free. The cherry on top? They can even be applied over makeup. But in contrast to other formulations, you might be a little skeptical at first wondering if the powder just sits on top of your skin instead of absorbing into it, how does it not just wipe off the minute you walk outside or touch your face? To tell us more about the formulation Dr Geetika shared, “ Cream sunscreens are emulsions of oil and water. Emulsions have an easy-to-spread texture that makes it less likely you’ll miss spots during application. Applying and reapplying this quantity will Dr Geetika Mittal Gupta ensure you reap the sun protection factor (SPF) shown on the sunscreen bottle. Powder sunscreens are a portable, convenient option for reapplying sunscreen to the face and scalp. Their formulas contain the mineral sunscreens titanium dioxide and zinc oxide in powder form.” Adding further, Dr Kiran says, “Powder sunscreen differs from cream and stick sunscreens in terms of its formulation. Cream sunscreens typically contain a higher concentration of moisturizing ingredients, making them suitable for dry or normal skin types. Stick sunscreens are solid formulations that are convenient for on-thego application. On the other hand, powder sunscreens have a lightweight and sheer texture, making them ideal for people who prefer a more natural or matte finish. They are often recommended for oily or acne-prone skin types as they can help absorb excess oil and minimize shine. Powder sunscreens are also easy to reapply throughout the day without the need to touch the face or disturb makeup.” But on the flip side, powder sunscreens may not provide as much coverage as cream or stick sunscreens, especially if not applied generously, says Dr Kiran. Given the convenince and ease of use, any people are fans of SPF powders because they make sunscreen protection so easy. Having said that are they effective enough? How effective are powder sunscreens? And while sunscreen comes in lotions, sprays, sticks and gels, you might be wondering if powder sunscreen is just as powerful at protecting your skin from harmful UV rays. Effective sun protection has always been an important keyword in skincare. Therefore, it is only right to as how effective is this beauty innovation? The answer isn’t a clear cut yes or no, rather the lines are blurred. Powder sunscreens are effective, but not when you use it as your primary sunscreen. In terms of efficacy, traditional creams and lotions tend to have the best coverage. To effectively use powder sunscreen, it should be used aa a touch-up method every two hours after first applying a traditional, liquid sunscreen “ Use a powder sunscreen as a second layer of protection on top of a liquid broad spectrum SPF 30+ sunscreen,” affirms Dr Geetika. This is because UV skin sun protection depends on putting enough product on and you cannot tell how much powder is dispensed from a powder sunscreen applicator she adds further. It is very difficult to ensure Dr. Kiran Sethi 40|LUXEBOOK|JULY 2023 JULY 2023 |LUXEBOOK|41