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Tropical Waters – Manjiri Nevrekar, Assistant Bartender, Nksha Ingredients: 60ml London Dry Gin 15ml kokum syrup 15ml cold pressed coconut water 10ml freshly pressed lime juice Garnish: Coconut powder Method: In a chilled mixing glass add freshly pressed lime juice, kokum syrup, cold-pressed coconut water and London dry gin. Top up the mixing glass with ice and stir the cocktail. Strain into a chilled coupe glass rimmed with coconut powder. Xing Fu – Rosslyn Selwin Karpanam, Head mixologist, Yauatcha Ingredients: 45ml earl grey tea 20ml lemon juice 15ml lavender syrup 50ml gin 10ml Cointreau A few drops of Angostura bitters 20ml egg white Method: Shake all the ingredients with ice except the bitters. Reverse dry shake strain in the coupe glass. Add 3 dots of angostura bitters and serve. You’re The Zest – Sahil Gangurde, Sr. Bartender, Plural Ingredients: 60ml Roku gin 15ml Triple citrus cordial 15ml Martini Rosso 15ml lime juice 15ml egg white Method: Add all the ingredients in a shaker full of ice. Shake well and strain. Garnish with dehydrated orange. Tropical Waters You’re The Zest Xing Fu The rising trend of alcohol-free gin Looking at the uptick of the trend and understanding the reason for its increasing popularity. BY ARUSHI SAKHUJA I t’s never been a better time to be sober. Overconsumption of alcohol is detrimental to health, and that is a fact. Consumption of alcohol, though momentarily enjoyable, comes with its share of ill effects — the first and the instantly-felt one being a hangover. There are also hazardous effects that long-term consumption has on the heart, liver, waistline, and kidneys. With the rising awareness around healthy living and the impact of excessive alcohol intake, consumers are doing their bit to steer clear of too much alcohol. Although drinking socially remains a norm that shows no signs of slowing down, there are new alternatives to alcohol-based spirits. Aneesh Bhasin, founder, SVAMI, pointed out that, “According to a recent research, Indian packaged non-alcoholic beverages market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 16.2% during 2017-2030, and this is to be contributed to the rising awareness about the need for healthier lifestyles, rising disposable incomes and a rising number of people opting for non-alcoholic drinks with their meals. Adding to this, there has been a growing trend of reducing alcoholic drink consumption amongst the Gen-Z audience.” Alcohol-free drinks are a good gateway into keeping up with socialising while abstaining from alcohol. Whether you are a teetotaller or experimenting with sobriety, there are a range of alcohol-free drinks from zero per cent beer to gin to keep you excited. But for the summer G&T is a refreshing choice – and when garnished with muddled berries, cucumber, mint and orange it’s a delight to the palate. The increase in demand for gin given its versatile flavour profile, makes it a chosen tipple for youngsters and mixologists alike. But what about those who want to get a taste of alcohol but either don’t drink, are underage or pregnant? What’s the best alternative for them? Should they simply resort to aerated sodas like Coke, sprite and ginger ale? SOBER Gin Founder, Vansh Pahuja believed otherwise. Addressing the concern for a lack of variety for those who don’t consume alcohol, Pahuja decided to introduce young India to the concept of an alcohol-free spirit. His debut product, given the uptick of gin consumers, only naturally was SOBER Gin. When asked about what made him think of this concept he said, it was the lack of options for an adult on nights when they were not drinking. The young entrepreneur goes on to share, “You couldn’t convince me to have just a plain soda or a high-calorie Coke or a sugary pinkcoloured ‘mocktail’ while my friends would be enjoying a nice gin-and-tonic or an old-fashioned cocktail. India is having a major cocktail movement right now. So, for people who don’t drink or are not drinking, they should be able to get the same experience minus the calories and the negative effects of alcohol.” Hence, we saw the birth of SOBER. “We are not asking people to quit alcohol; we are just giving you a choice for when you are not drinking.” Rise of alcohol- free spirits around the world While the past decade has seen an explosion of microdistilleries, expanding the scope and variety of gin to be enjoyed, there’s also been another, equally significant shift in the drinks industry – towards alcohol-free alternatives to the classic gin. An alcohol-free gin isn’t really gin, rather, it is an aperitif or botanical. Globally, there is a spike in the consumption of zero-proof or non-alcoholic beverages. With a growing number of health-conscious millennials and “sober curious” individuals (those exploring elements of a booze-free lifestyle), there has been a demand in the market for beverages crafted with organic ingredients. According JUNE 2023 |LUXEBOOK|43 42|LUXEBOOK|JUNE 2023 ZERO-PROOF GIN