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massage, during which hot packs are placed on the body dissolve aches and strains. The experience is completed with a face massage. Another highly sought after treatment is Soundarya, A Day of Beauty that aims to draw out inner radiance. She adds, “This begins with a deeply nourishing scrub and wrap of the bride’s choice. It invigorates the senses with an indulgent aromatherapy massage to give the skin a natural glow with an hour-long facial of the bride’s choice as a final touch. It then delves into a spa manicure and pedicure.” Serving healthy food is a large part of the getaway. Nishant Diwakar, Executive Sous Chef is very vocal about the nine-grain millet latte, vegan muesli sticks, millet khichri/ porridge, etc. It makes for a perfect choice to try infusions like lemon grass, pomelo with chia seed water and green detox smoothies that are part of a health regime, especially during the festivities around a wedding. Relais & Châteaux Niraamaya Surya Samudra This beautiful luxury wellness resort and spa in Kerala has also observed a noticeable increase in brides-to-be seeking rejuvenation getaways with their friends. Talking about this, Binu Prasad, General Manager, says, “The stays are tailored to offer a perfect blend of relaxation, wellness, and celebration, making them an ideal choice for brides-to-be looking to unwind and bond with their friends before their big day. There has been a significant uptick in single women travellers as well.” The focus is on a number of rejuvenating pre-wedding bridal treatments to help brides and grooms-to-be look and feel their best on their wedding day. One may start with mukhalepam, the facial treatment that utilizes herbal pastes and masks to cleanse, nourish, and revitalize the skin. It is offered as a pre-wedding preparation treatment to help brides and grooms achieve a radiant complexion on their big day. Abhyangasnana is a full-body massage using warm oil, offered as a pre-wedding relaxation treatment to help brides and grooms de-stress and prepare for the wedding festivities. Udwarthanam is a dry body massage with herbal powders meant to exfoliate and stimulate the skin, making for an apt pre-wedding exfoliation treatment. Also in high demand are Garshanam, a dry body brushing treatment to improve circulation and remove toxins from the body, perfect as a prewedding detox treatment and Sareerakanthi, a specialized Ayurvedic treatment for women that helps improve skin tone, reduce cellulite, and promote overall well-being. Amal Tamara If you are planning to get hitched anytime soon, you may wonder about the foods you must avoid as well as consume, prior to your big day. Stress, unhealthy lifestyle habits, and poor nutrition can contribute to hormonal changes in the body that can manifest as menstrual disorders, infertility, endometriosis, and similar conditions. It’s not such a bad idea to cleanse the body with a detox. Flush out those unhealthy toxins and promote holistic health with clearer skin, lustrous hair, and overall physical well-being. The Pre-Wedding Wellness Program by Amal Tamara is made to put an emphasis on overall health and beauty maintenance while reducing the effects of the stress and anxiety that is inevitable around planning such a big event. With an emphasis on detoxification, enhancing metabolic health, stress management, skin care, and hair care, this 7 or 14-day programme revitalizes the body’s systems. This experience provides Ayurvedic body treatments using herbal medications, therapeutic yoga, a nutritious diet, and activities to change one’s lifestyle. Amal Tamara also helps brides and grooms-to-be to help restore calm with an Emotional Well-Being programme, designed to alleviate stress and cultivate mental clarity and inner peace.Apart of the rest and relaxation includes immersing oneself in personalised therapies, yoga, meditation, Ayurvedic treatments and nourishing Cure Cuisine. The experienced team of practitioners provide in-depth consultations and a series of online sessions, to exert a positive impact on physical well-being, elevate energy levels, reinforce immune function and optimize sleep patterns. Wellness-focused journey at Dharana at Shillim Tucked away at Shillim Village between Mumbai and Pune, Dharana at Shillim is an inviting space set amidst restored forest land, taking one away from the stress and hustle of daily life. No wonder then that it is high on the radar for those wanting a pre-wedding wellness escape. Affirms General Manager Srikant Peri, “In light of the current travel trends, we have observed a growing interest among brides-to-be who are keen to indulge in wellness and spa treatments as part of their pre-wedding preparations. At Dharana, it’s a holistic approach where they immerse themselves in a journey that not only enhances their physical beauty but also nurtures their inner radiance. We believe this approach provides a serene state of mind, ensuring a radiant and serene experience for the big day and beyond. It’s about catering to wellness needs and offering an exceptional pre-wedding retreat experience.” Some of the frequently sought-after programmes include: Art of Detox, which is a holistic detoxification program, Healing Holiday, that combines yoga, meditation, and natural therapies, Weight Management, Panchakarma, a deep detoxification and rejuvenation experience, EGA Age Reversal & Rejuvenation, an exclusive program designed to restore youthfulness and vitality with holistic practices and Dharana Minbos, that addresses specific health concerns and encourages guests to embark on a transformative journey to health and happiness. Specially-curated menus are also in focus. He adds, “We find that many individuals embarking on pre-wedding wellness journeys are already inclined toward a conscious and nutritious culinary experience. At Dharana, we prioritise the use of organic, locally sourced ingredients and plantbased creations that exemplify the essence of wellness. 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