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she makes time to chat on how it went, “I just got back from my pre-wedding beauty getaway with nine of my girlfriends. I chose the resort, the Bodrum Edition as it’s a beautiful and serene property with all-white interiors, just the way I like it. We had our own villa with a private pool. Of course, we headed to the spa and that made for such a fabulous indulgence. We tried the new signature Black Tea scent massage oil, which was a complete relaxation for all of us and the other regimens also helped us get the glow on. The plan involved a flow of activities. For instance, one day, we just took a yacht one day and got into the beautiful blue waters, which was such a zen feeling! For me, being in the space of beautiful interiors always makes me feel calmer, especially if it’s around subtle, modern, minimalist interiors and the Bodrum Edition gave me that. It was kind of my way of getting my restful beauty break before the wedding prep rush begins.” Harshita Rai Khetan, owner of the Skin Diet Company, who also indulged in pre-wedding TLC, shares her own advice that will resonate with every bride-to-be: being consistent with skincare. “I had my beauty routine in place before my rokka ceremony. I think that really helped me on so many counts. For one, I was getting married at Umaid Bhawan in Jodhpur and so we were required to do a lot of recces to the venue. Second, the weather was hot then and it wasn’t easy because as a bride-to-be you’re stressed as you’re planning everything. Also, you end up travelling a lot, eating a lot of food with the wedding menu tasting approvals going on, which includes taking in taking all the sugar and fried stuff in the world. In that scenario it can be very hard to maintain a beauty routine, but my consistent beauty and skincare regimen helped me a lot. As a practice, whenever I got the chance, I would apply sunscreen, the right moisturizer and the serum, which is a specially curated recipe from my company.” That said, she made plans for some skin pampering before D-Day. “I came across really good pre-bridal facial packages and I got two facials before my wedding, which were great.” She underlines her advice with a parting note: “I have always believed that skincare is not a one-night show; it is how consistent you are with it. These facials and other bridal beauty regimens should be done it every single week or somewhere close to that.” Dermatologists play a key role Of course, the pre-bridal getaway glow is a thing, but it has to also sustain post the wellness holiday. This entails wellness-centric dining experience mirrors the wellnessfocused aspirations of our guests, adding a delectable and wholesome dimension to their pre-wedding wellness sojourn.” The First-Ever Retreat That Brought Together Brides-To-Be Ekta Shah, founder of House of Eekkta, came up with the innovative idea of retreat called Here Comes the Bride, which will have brides-to-be converge for a restorative break. This September, it saw 38 brides-to-be come together for wellness, beauty, and mental health masterclasses, meant to inspire them and help them feel empowered. She shares more on the energy and fun from the getaway. “It was such a thriving atmosphere; we had a beauty partner Juicy Chemistry as well as make-up artist Kajol Paswwan share advice how to take of the skin pre-wedding and post wedding events. A dermatologist was also present to give tips on how to start one’s skincare routine and more. It was evident how young women really enjoyed being a part of the whole programme. They had so many questions and tried different products. I think you can get lost in a plethora of stuff on the internet but at the retreat when you sit down and share experiences together, it helps streamline things. It becomes a safe haven for the brides, a kind of community where they can be themselves and forge bonds with each other. It’s a kind of educative bachelorette.” This first retreat also had a mixology masterclass. She says, “While we’re looking at breaking stereotypes, I thought why not set the level higher and go beyond the usual baking and cooking.” With the first retreat a success, Ekta is planning to do this twice a year. “Hopefully next year, we will do two getaways where we go to different parts of the country, maybe a fun retreat in Goa and then, plan an international stay,” she adds. What brides have to share These brides-to-be share how they made plans flitting between wedding planning and work. Sanjana Arora, Director at D’Décor, has recently returned from her dreamy pre-bridal beauty getaway at the Bodrum Edition, considered a jewel in the Turkish Riviera, set amidst the serene beauty of the Turkish Riviera, with its infinity pool, garden lounge, fitness centre and state-of-the art spa and Turkish Hammam. She loved every minute of it. With busy days ahead as she’s preparing to have her wedding at Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur in February, Pictures courtesy: Camlition Productions Pictures courtesy: Camlition Productions 12|LUXEBOOK|OCTOBER 2023 OCTOBER 2023 |LUXEBOOK|13