Luxebook October 2023

weddings, something that is a welcome change.At one of the weddings we shot in Goa, one of the brides actually hopped onto an ATV with her brother to meet the groom and danced with him at his baraat. Also, it’s not just the groom who has a baraat, a lot of brides are choosing to have their own, too. At a wedding in Udaipur, a bride had her own long baraat with a car and everything and it was amazing!” Shrey Bhagat, Founder and Creative Director of Raabta, echoes that. His shoots are known to bring swag to the baraat, lending them a quirky, masti-filled character aptly embodying the spirit of the occasion. He says, “The baraat has always been a very important part of the wedding day celebration. That’s the moment for the groom to shine. No one can steal that moment away from him and every groom tries to bring in a bit of his personality into the baraat celebration. Over the years, I have seen it all, from the groom entering in a helicopter, to having a celebrity DJ just for the baraat, then the baraat turning into a party that goes on for three hours! But of late, the bridal baraat is getting to be so much fun. It’s so interesting to see how brides want their own baraat where they enter either on a horse or a car etc with the entire procession. It stems from how people are constantly trying to find out-of-the-box ideas to create memorable weddings.” Personalisation in pre-wedding shoots Pre-wedding shoots have become more mainstream in recent times, with couples placing a huge focus on this. Siddharth Goel, Co-founder and Director of Camlition Productions, which was also awarded ‘Wedding Photographer Of The Year’ at the Wedding Sutra Awards 2023, agrees that these shoots have indeed gained significant popularity in recent years. In the photo sessions, there is a key focus area for all bridesand grooms-to-be. He reveals: “It’s personalization and storytelling. Couples see pre-wedding shoots as an opportunity to tell their unique love story and capture the essence of their relationship. It allows them to showcase their personalities, interests, and the journey that brought them together. Of course, Instagram and other social media dominates as well. In the age of social media, couples are excited to share their love story with friends and family. Pre-wedding photos are often posted on social platforms, garnering attention and excitement from their family and friends.” Picture courtesy: Camlition Productions Picture courtesy: Camlition Productions Picture courtesy (L-R): Camlition Productions Picture courtesy (L-R): Camlition Productions Picture courtesy (L-R): Camlition Productions 34|LUXEBOOK|OCTOBER 2023 OCTOBER 2023 |LUXEBOOK|35