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recalls, “The perfect example of the most stunning grazing table we have curated was for the Gadar 2 success bash at actor Sunny Deol’s residence, with the perfect cold cuts, fruits, cheese slices and crackers, adorned with elegant flowers and candles; it became such a talking point!” Visuals are a certain winner, but also Nitin offers another reason for the trend’s success. He states, “I think there is an increasing demand for healthier options in wedding food as today’s couples and guests are making more conscious choices. To cater to this, we’ve expanded our menu to include a variety of lighter, nutritious choices, such as fresh salads, grilled vegetables and lean protein options. It’s about providing delicious, healthier fare without compromising on taste and presentation. And you can easily create platters and boards as per the dietary needs.” They’ve gone larger-than-life on the pre-wedding grazing table There are a whole plethora of functions surrounding a shaadi, including meetups at home for the bride and groom’s families and friends and The Theatric Platter caters to this with a unique take on grazing board and platters. Gurmeet Rathod, co-founder of this threeyear-old company that is in Mumbai and Delhi says the creations are the centre of the home party. The ecofriendly grazing company specialises platters which feature a choice of goodies. And guess what? They’re larger-than-life! The entrepreneur shares a peek into the details. “What’s really popular is the homegrown cheese in flavours like cream cheese with sultani rose, honey and pistachios and pickle-feta with rosemary and garlic. Best-selling dips include Mediterranean and YoghurtDill, along with beetroot crackers, fruits, spreads and meat to add fun to the cocktail hour.” She reveals how they are in essence, breakfast platters. “We realised that a lot of clients have wedding guests that are up at hotels and Air bnb’s and these make for a perfect send-outs to them in the morning or for a late-evening binge.” The size is bigger than the usual and there’s a reason to that. “Normal platters are 12-14 inches and meant for four to five people, but we serve 16-24inch platters as they look so grand and make for complete Instagrammable presentations!” In addition, there are bite-sized platters for those who prefer it. Presentation matters One of the underlying factors for the success of the trend, aside of its convenience, is how you can get creative with the presentation here. Calling it “paramount”, Nitin how creatively exhibiting the dishes can add an aesthetic dimension to the whole event. “Our chefs meticulously arrange the platters, station setups, and sweet displays to go with the ambience of the celebration. Elegant tableware, lighting and decorative elements are all used to enhance its visual appeal.” from seasonal local mulberries to an imported Hass avocado, a local Indian-flavoured cream cheese to a Dutch Gouda and everything in between! We also have Jain platters as that’s in demand as well.” Sanjay Vazirani of Foodlink shares how there can be an array of grazing tables, with each packing its own its distinct appeal. He says, “A welcome luncheon for the family can consist of several grazing tables. Among these, the classic charcuterie table can have cheese logs and slices, grapes and crackers to cater to vegetarian guests. We also added various jams such as chilli, classic strawberry, and apricot preserves, as that has been popular. Beyond these classics, we’ve done a barbecue grazing table, a brunch grazing table, a fruit grazing table and a special kids’ table filled with assorted candies. You can get creative and fill these with barbecues, sandwiches, pizzas, fruits, candies, breads, desserts, and more – the possibilities are endless.” He Grazing tables by I’M Wholesome (Manpreet Dhody) Ritesh Sidhwani 50th birthday by Foodlink Grazing table by Foodlink 44|LUXEBOOK|OCTOBER 2023 OCTOBER 2023 |LUXEBOOK|45