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Sanjay echoes the thought as he underlines the value of presentation being a fundamental element of the offerings. “Even when our dishes are quite basic, we excel at creating presentations that captivate our guests. For instance, we can take a simple dish like missal pao and transform it into an enticing Bunny Chow rendition. Then there are various versions of appetizer trays, like a ‘palkhi’ for weddings or even something as simple as presenting herbed butter in the form of a candle that we curated for Bollywood producer Ritesh Sidhwani’s 50th birthday party. It totally enhanced the overall appearance of a grazing table.” Playing matchy-matchy with the theme Given that weddings have the most unique and creative themes, we wonder if they get requests to match the food to the function themes? “All the time, actually” smiles Manpreet.“We get requests to make the food appear in sync with the wedding card theme or a perfume, which is been gifted as a part of the invite and more. For this, we have to study the flavours and the theme and ensure our platters match the aesthetics of it all.” Nitin also adds, “Whether it’s a beach wedding, a vintage-themed party, or a blacktie gala, we create customized menus and presentation styles to harmonize with the event’s aesthetic. For example, at a beach wedding, we might serve seafood specialties and tropical fruit platters to capture the essence of the seaside.” Foodlink even created a bazaar feel for a luncheon. Sanjay shares, “The idea is to consistently craft a unique and tailored culinary experience for every event. As an example, at a recent wedding we designed a marketplace-inspired menu for a souk-themed luncheon. This menu featured a delightful array of street food dishes, including mini canapés and tartlets, chaat counters, tawa pulao stations, a live shawarma station, a mithai ki dukaan (sweets shop) and a special counter with sour fruits like raw mango, imli, awla, starfruit, and ber. The customized menu really added a fun touch to the atmosphere of the event.” Notching things up here is sheer amount of customising one can do. Says Malvika Mulchandani who runs Apero, a luxury grazing table company. “You can have grazing tables that are vegan, gluten-free, nutfree. Thinking of new and innovative dishes to serve that aren’t fried or carb heavy is something we have to think of with every function, and as per the clients’ requirements. Everything is made fresh and beautifully presented.” It sure looks like a happy balance of tastes, textures, colours and health! So, perhaps it’s time you got your guests to go grazing at your wedding! Grazing tables by Apero Grazing tables by I’M Wholesome (Manpreet Dhody) 46|LUXEBOOK|OCTOBER 2023 OCTOBER 2023 |LUXEBOOK|47