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Vikas Sharma W ith rich experience in the hospitality industry, Sharma is often credited with setting benchmarks for his visionary outlook. Sharma has been the instrumental force behind the strong operational and management foundations of the brand Encalm. He brought to the Indian hospitality industry a new entrant — Encalm Hospitality in 2021, that launched The Encalm Lounge and Atithya services to create hassle free experience — a welcome and assist service at airports. The service is already operational and servicing guests at the Delhi and Hyderabad Airport. “We started our business in airport hospitality and are operating a lounge called Encalm Lounge at the T1 domestic airport at Delhi. Our airport assistance at departure is till the time a passenger boards the flight and on arrival till the passenger boards the designated conveyance. These services include buggy service, porter, wheelchair assistance, among others,” he says. “We are making real impact with Atithya, our meet and greet service to disrupt the industry.” CEO, Encalm Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. Vishal Anand Founder Moonshine Food Ventures A banker turned restaurateur, Vishal Anand continues to dabble in vastly different sectors from power infrastructure to being a brand owner of tony restaurants and cafes in Delhi. His creative instincts show up in the way he conceptualises his restaurants. Anand is passionate about music, design, architecture, fitness and wildlife. Currently, his lined-up projects include Saga- Cuisines of India, Café Stay Woke, Glasshouse and Pa pa ya. Saga - Cuisines of India, focuses on bringing a twist to authentic Indian cuisine with Michelin star Chef Atul Kocchar, while Cafe Staywoke aims to upscale the cafe experience with a vibrant appeal and a sustainable approach. During the pandemic, he and his team at Moonshine Food Ventures and VSPL Energy were able to provide food, masks and transportation to those in needs under their campaign #SponsorHope. Well- travelled in life, London and Barcelona remain perennial favourites for the architecture. Being a restaurateur, he calls himself a “... classic 9-5 person, 9 pm to 5 am!” While Mondays are not a favourite, Anand likes “Struggle is the best teacher. Have patience, and value relationships.” to unwind typically with a nice glass of whisky, with friends and family in a quiet place.” 72 | | 73